Friday, August 16, 2013

Lets talk watershed and long distance

Oh hey, good morning my little nuggets. Shocking I know that I am bloggin in the morning hours! You know sometimes crazy things happen. Yesterday I posted pictures from watershed. Well a few of them at least. Today I tell you the tales of watershed. I went with two of my most favorite people in the entire world. My best friend from home and one of
my closest sorority sisters. Oh the fun we had. 

Trashley in her usual style of loving any event that allows her to dress up in some sort of costume like attire purchased us t-shirts that said "white girl wasted". 
Well I can't just strap on a t-shirt and not live the message.
 So White Girl Wasted I became. 
All weekend long. 
Not only did Trashley sport a white girl wasted shirt all weekend long but she also managed to find herself an american flag one piece. And a giant inflatable swan.
I am telling you guys watershed is mindblowing. We frolicked all around the gorge for 3 days and I came back with most of my dignity, didn't throw up once and I even managed not to get a sunburn this year either! 
I like to consider watershed to be my "last hooray" if you will. 
And by that I mean this girl went and got herself a boyfriend. 
Yes me. 
Yes the girl who hates relationships. 
The girl who runs the other way at the mere mention of commitment. 
I got a boyfriend. And a real wonderful one at that.
He is sweet and calm and honest.
There is something about his ability to deal with my craziness that puts me at ease.
We met in May and didn't really become a full fledged item until over the weekend when he was here.
Yes here. He lives 2.5 hours away.
It sucks. 
But he does a fantastic job of putting my worries to rest and re assuring me that we can figure this out.
He supports me and knows exactly what to say to talk me down when I am on an emotional rampage.
Thy bearded man really has me smitten!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oooh hey guys! Looks like I am alive after all! Weird it sort of feels like I dropped off the planet. That may be because I have been far too busy to even pretend I have a blog. Anyway so many fun things have occured over the last few weeks! Where does one even begin?
Well that all appears to be a good start right? Phew! Archery tournaments, watershed, zoo trips and being made of honor oh my!! Details to follow my loves I promise!
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