My Story

Let me just say first that first impressions? Not my thing.
Sure I can ramble on pretty good, but I might end up telling you a lot
of things you do not want to know about me.

 I’m Ashley and I am pleased to meet you.

You might hear me refer to my alter ego “Crashley” from time to time.
Here she is in the flesh:

You might also hear me refer to these little babies once or twice:

Rooskey and Bella

And most of my stories will contain a few of these people:

Hanah the step mom and Papa Chuck

Hudson the nephew

My sister and best friend

My beautiful nieces
My best friend Sarah

I live in the beautiful state of Washington, on the western side!

I love to cook, eat, travel, and be with my
family and my friends.
I am a Husker fan, if you don’t know who the Huskers are leave now. (Kidding)

I like to write about my adventures, over share, and be completely
honest about this life I am living.
If you are still interested stick around, grab a drink, and hang on
for this beautiful ride of mine!
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