Friday, September 28, 2012

The day I became Robin Hood

Whats a girl to do when she gets a text message at 7:30 pm on a Thursday inviting her to a weekend of craziness at a castle.

She accepts thats what she does.

And then she drives 5 hours across the state of washington after working 8 hours to get to a castle.
And then she shreiks and jumps up and down when she realizes she really is at a castle.

And whats a girl to do when she is immediately whisked to the dressing
chamber and outfitted with a cloak?
Pee her pants.

So then this very same girl had a couple of cocktails and put herself
to bed. Only to wake up and have one of the best days of her life.

Trashley and I started our Journey to #CastleArch6 at about 5pm on
Friday. We arrived in Spokane at about 10pm that evening. We were
greeted by the owner of the Staudinger Castle Chris and his marvelous
girlfriend and my Trashleys childhood best friend Tawny. Immediatly we
were dressed in fine cloaks and escorted to the castle to enjoy
beverages and meet the other guests. After some time around the table
and a tour of the grounds we were headed to bed.

We awoke rested and refreshed and ready for the 6th annual Robin Hood
and Little John archery tournament.

I was dressed in some traditional garments that happened to make me
look a lot like a female version of Robin Hood. I didn't hate it. I
infact loved it. The icing on the cake is when I attached 3 coors
light tall boys to my belt and called myself "The Silver Bullet".

But then it was time to get serious. I was in need of a quick training
session on how to infact be an expert Archer. AKA how in the heck does
one actually shoot a bow and arrow and hit a target.

Enter Tawny and Chris. They taught me the basics of becoming a master
archer. I was outfitted with finger guards and arm guards. I had my
hat. My vest and of course my silver bullets.
Shit was about to get real.

We did a qualifying round. I unfortunatley landed myself in the
"little john" section. I took offense to this. But I understood. I was
not quite as skilled as the others. After 5 rounds of the tournament
and a few drinks later the tournament ended. What a glorious day. If
you ever want to feel like a certified bad ass get yourself a bow and
arrow and launch arrows at a target. You will without a doubt feel
like a real midevil bad ass. Or like Robin Hood depending on your


I managed to at one point convince my big bro to show up as he lives
in spokane and was only about 20 minutes away. I think the
conversation went a little like this

Me- " Big Bro get here and get here now. Also will you be sure to
bring me a bottle of Jack and Lemonade."
Big- " What? What are you talking about! I have been surfing all day!"
Me- "Where does one surf at in Eastern Washington?"
Big- "The web Ashley the web."
Me- " Thats it nerd alert get to the store and get here NOW!"

And then he did. And he didn't disappoint he got me my jack and my
lemonade and as you can imagine the rest was history.
We moved the party into the castle for the evening after a momentary
water balloon fight.
At which point we partook in a little "midevil castle dancing". It was
probably one of the highlights of my life seeing this unfold. There
were 4 of us doing what we consider a midevil dance routine all to the
tune of Drake, Lil Wayne and other classy musical artists. Please take
a moment to imagine this and laugh.

I died. And then I insisted that every person who was to enter the
castle had to shotgun a beer. Because like I have said before I am
just one classy gal and nothing rocks my socks like shotgunning.

And then at about 1:00 am I put myself to bed. 
In a bed of cheetos. 
I woke up at 6 am and looked under neath me only to find the contents of
an entire bag of cheetos and white cheddar popcorn beneath me. 
It seems I got a little hungry and decided that a snack was essential but
then was very unsuccessful at getting any of the said snacks into my
mouth. What truly blows my mind is that those cheetos were completely
intact not a single one crushed. 
That my friends takes some expert talent. 
You are welcome.

And then misery came for me. It grabbed me by my Robin Hood hat and
slapped me straight back to reality and a 5 hour drive home. So
Trashley and I packed up the car and made our trek back home much to
our dismay. But I wouldn't trade it for the world and I am already
planning my outfit for next year.

By the way party people all of these brilliant and beautiful photos are courtesy of the amazing Tawny and Chris. Incase you are wondering they happen to have a pretty amazing blog of their own that I suggest you check out at Or don't and be a huge loser your choice.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I believe in never shaving your legs...

I also believe Erin came up with a mighty fine blog link up so I am jumpin in on this.
Shall we?

I believe that College football is a million times better than the NFL.
Case in point Monday Night Football this week. #Sorryimnotsorry.

I believe in eating. As much as possible. Whenever possible.
I believe that yellow makes everything better. 
Including a yellow cocktail dress for your birthday.

I believe in honesty above all else. 

I believe in my Lord and Savior and His plan for me.

I believe in a perfect kitchen

I believe in sisters as best friends.

I believe Thirsty Thursday was built to make Friday a miserable day at work.
I believe in being whoo'ed. You know flowers, dates, sweet compliments. Oh and wine. Always wine.

I believe that Salt & Vinegar chips were made to make me fat.
I believe in alone time. Sweet moments of solitude.

I believe every girl needs a perfect black dress and a perfect black heel.
I believe that if John Mayer and I met we would instantly fall in love and live happily ever after.

I believe that your 20's are the time in your life to live with no regrets.
I believe everyone should travel as much as possible in this life.

I believe it is ok to sometimes want to karate chop someone in the throat.
I believe that if you don't love Harry Potter you aren't human.

I believe in organized chaos.
I believe that chewing with your mouth open is a cardinal sin.

I believe in the unconditional love of my dogs
I believe no one should ever be expected to work on their birthday.

I believe Honeybooboo is going to hate her mother in 10 years.
I believe roadtrips make friendships better and traveling more fun.

I believe that Bacon truly can cure a hangover. 
Its a fact.

I believe in Serendipity.

I believe that there is nothing better in this life than clean sheets. 
I also believe someone else should wash those sheets and but them on my bed.
I believe being an Aunt is the best gift my brother and Sister ever gave me.

Now do yourself a favor and tell us what you believe in and link up with Erin while you're at it mmmkay?
Love ya nuggets!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes my Blog is a real Biznasty.

My blog and I... we got in a fight. 
She can be a real pesky biznasty.
Sometimes she just wants to take all my time. 

Which I just don't appreciate. 
I mean I am the kind of girl who doesn't like being told what to do. 
So  obviously when I felt like my blog was trying to steal the show and take over my life I threw a giant fit. 
And revolted.
Take that blog.

But then my blog came calling. 
She apologized. 
She told me she loved me. 
That she was nothing without me and that she needed me. 
She bought me flowers and got me drunk. 
That blog knows the way to my heart.

So I agreed with blog that we needed a "healthy balance". 
Maybe even one of those mythical things people use called a schedule. 
But I didn't want to committ to something that was completely out of my league. 
So baby steps blog. 

I promise to update you on a regular bases. 

I promise to include dozens of pictures and to even do my best to purchase a real "big girl blogger" camera. 
I even promise to take you out for nachos and beer from time to time. 
Because we be classy like that. 
I mean why would I take a gal like you to a fancy restaurant. 
DUH not your style. 
And lets be honest it aint really mine either. 
I promise to be faithful to you and all other blog friends.
promise to link you up to the other fancy blogs occassionally and I
even promise to pimp you out by sponsoring one or two from time to

But I am going to need you blog to know your boundaries. 
You have to know that a girl like me just needs to be free sometimes. 
I need to run wild and go where the wind takes me. 
So occassionally my love you will have to be patient and know that I may be off galavanting around
town but I will always come back to you. 

You might know that I am having a real spat with PMS and am neglecting all things in my life
because I am throwing a full blown fit. 

Because I am an emotional wreck most of the time. 
But you will always be in my heart my little love.

And with that I am now going to edit 505000 billion
pictures to make you sparkle. 

And I am going to comment on all the other blogs. 
And stake out a suitable blog to sponser so your little face is out being exposed. 
Because a promise is a promise blog. 
And now I shall pour a drink and get to work.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Things that make me squeal with delight

These simple truths…

I must confess a few things.
A few things that make me happy.
A few things that make me sad.
A few things that make me mad.
A few things that might make YOU mad.
A few things that might make you laugh.

I love seeing the look on my nieces and nephews faces when I walk
through the door.
I love that they know without a doubt how much I love and adore them;
yet they know I mean business and the rules still apply.
I love that I have a sister who wants happiness and love for me, so
much so that she will never hold the truth back from me even when I do
not want to hear it.
I love that I have a brother who truly is a strong and wonderful man;
to me, to my sister, to my mom, to his wife, to his sons and to God.
I love my puppies, even though they drive me INSANE sometimes.
I love love love to eat and to cook and to watch others delight in the
things I have prepared.

My heart breaks when I find out someone has cancer.
My heart breaks when I think of the people in my life who do not know Jesus.
My heart breaks that my life now is not where I imagined it to be.
My heart breaks that people I thought would be my friends forever are no longer.

I get so angry when I hear of ANYONE mistreating my friends and family.
I get so angry when I learn of people who judge others.
I get so angry when I think of the young men and women who have lost
their lives in this war, yet so many are ungrateful for their

I laugh so hard at my dad sometimes.
I laugh even harder at my best friend Sarah ALL THE TIME.
I laugh even more at myself for being so ridiculous.
I laugh uncontrollably when I watch Will Ferrell.
I laugh so very very hard when Sarah tells me I have a loose bladder.

And most of all I am so happy that I have this space to share my thoughts and that some of you actually care enough to pay attention!

Friday, September 14, 2012

There once was a girl who looked like a bear...

There once was a girl who had legs like a bear...

and then she got them waxed...

and she was no longer a bear at all.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Don't go chasing waterfalls...

Or if you're me; do.
I love a good waterfall.
A lot.
I just am always so astonished by their beauty.
And how majestic they are.
It makes me want to peel off my clothes and jump right in.
Clean up the mental image sickos I don't actually do that.
I live in Washington I would catch pneumonia and die instantly.
That might be an exaggeration.
But I am not willing to find out.

Anyway as I was saying I love a good waterfall.
I tend to think of myself as some what of a waterfall hunter.
In the last year I have really stepped up my waterfall game.
I have really been on the look out for these little warlocks.

This past weekend Sarah and I decided a hike was in order.
So we loaded up and made the trek to Mt. Rainier.
After what seemed like a lifetime of driving we finally arrived.
We decided to do a hike I had done a few years earlier that would lead us to one of the most spectacular waterfalls I have ever laid eyes on.
Comet Falls.
What a name!
So we began.
And after about .1 miles I remembered that this hike was a real bitch.
I was sweating.
I was wheezing.
I was wishing I had a rescue inhaler.
How could this be?
I can easily run 5 miles on the old tready at the gym?
Oh thats right higher elevation, uphill terrain.
Why had I chose to spend my afternoon doing this?
Oh thats right because nature is neat.
Please see video below:

Need I really say more? I mean nature is NEAT!

So anyway we hiked our happy little asses up that trail until our eyes set sight on the majestic Comet Falls.
And now a treat for your eyes.


Rocky Brook Pass, WA

One waterfall on the way to Comet Falls

What a beaut!

Gee dang it!

Another small fall on the way up!

Where else can you find all this neatness?

 So kids what on the agenda for ya'll this weekend?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A big ole' shot of life

I happen to be terrified of heights. 
Like down right terrified.
Not quite like I am terrified of snakes or anything no worries.
But I am terrified nonetheless.

So what have I decided to do with myself?
Go to the biggest fair in the state and get on all the most terrifying rides.
Seems legit.


The only legit part of this was that thankfully I had been wise enough to have a road soda or two to get myself warmed up.
It happens.
So this past Monday night I spent and evening pretending to be a crazed teenager.
My best friend Sarah and I went sprinting from one fair ride to the next.

We rode the Zipper like the good ole days. Ole’ Zip as we like to call it.
We hopped on a few rickety old roller coasters.
We shot high in the sky on the extreme scream.

I stuffed my face with a deep fried snickers bar.

She regretted spending 5 bucks on a disgusting corn dog.
We squealed with delight as we flipped and spun on the El Nino.
Oh what an evening we had.

And you know what sometimes it feels pretty dang good to be a crazed teenager again!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As I reflect

Every year in September I have the same kind of day.
A day just once a year, when I am filled with sadness.
When a hole opens in my chest.
When I wonder what if.
When I look back.

I was too young to fully understand what was happening on September 11th.
To be completely honest at the age of 14 I wasn’t even really sure what the World Trade Center was.
So I went to school and every thing was hectic.
And then my sister ripped me out of school.
And then we got home and I saw the news.
I knew my world could quite very well change.
Quickly and drastically.
My father had just retired from 23 years of service with the United States Marine Corps.
What if they wanted him back?
What if my dad had to go to war?
What if…
And now 11 years later I still wonder what if…
What if instead of tragedy and despair on September 11th 2001,
It was just another day.
Would I still be married?
Would countless families be unaware of the loss and pain of losing a loved one?
Would I still spend my days worrying, praying, and thinking about my friends, some of my closest friends and family even, being in a place where danger is hiding around every corner?
Would I spend more money at the post office than I ever thought possible?
Would I know what baked goods stay good for the 10-day shipping period?
Would I know of the pain and emptiness that fills your heart when the person you love is gone?
Would I know of comforting friends as they worry about their husbands?

What would our lives look like if that day had never come?
If it had gone on like every other fall September day…

What I do know is, that I am proud.
I am proud to have been married to a man who served his country.
I am proud to say that I have a father who is a Marine and had 23 years of active duty service.
I am proud to say that I have a grandfather who spent 30 years in the Navy and did two tours in Vietnam.
I am proud to say I have an Uncle who was an Airborne Ranger for over 25 years; a man who spent the better part of his life in a war zone.
I am proud to say I watched my cousin receive his officer rank after completing 4 years of military college and rigorous training, as his bars were pinned on him by his own father they both struggled to hold back emotion.
I know that I am proud.
I know that while I wish more than anything that those men and women were at home with their families; safe and sound out of harms way, I will stand behind them and show them respect and gratitude.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Have you ever?

Have you ever just felt like you can't keep up?
Like life has you by the horns instead of the other way around?
I can't even catch my breath right now.
The dishes are dirty.
The laundry needs folding.
My floor needs vacuuming.
My relationships need time.
My love for my Savior needs nurturing.

Yet I can't seem to find the time.
I am so overwelmed with this thing called life.
I feel like I am being pulled in a million different places.
I must do this.
I should do that.
I need to do this.
But I want to do that.

It's a constant battle.
Will I ever win?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The two best friends that anyone could have

So I have this friend. And we kind of like to be as mean as possible to each other in a completely teasing way.

He is currently not in America, doing things... as his job. And that's about all I can say about that.

So this all happened on Thursday.

My ridiculous wish list for my birthday that is 3 months away. It includes a tropical vacation, lifetime supply of bacon, tickets to Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes etc. Oh and  Michael Kors watch. YEAH RIGHT!?!?
Ryan replies to my list with than none other than an order confirmation for tickets to Carrie Underwood! I literally peed at work!!
And today he sent me this!!!

Yes in fact I have some of the best friends in the world.
I am so lucky and thankful to have people like Ryan in my life.
How bout you nuggets has anyone totally surprised you when you didn't expect it?

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