Thursday, September 13, 2012

Don't go chasing waterfalls...

Or if you're me; do.
I love a good waterfall.
A lot.
I just am always so astonished by their beauty.
And how majestic they are.
It makes me want to peel off my clothes and jump right in.
Clean up the mental image sickos I don't actually do that.
I live in Washington I would catch pneumonia and die instantly.
That might be an exaggeration.
But I am not willing to find out.

Anyway as I was saying I love a good waterfall.
I tend to think of myself as some what of a waterfall hunter.
In the last year I have really stepped up my waterfall game.
I have really been on the look out for these little warlocks.

This past weekend Sarah and I decided a hike was in order.
So we loaded up and made the trek to Mt. Rainier.
After what seemed like a lifetime of driving we finally arrived.
We decided to do a hike I had done a few years earlier that would lead us to one of the most spectacular waterfalls I have ever laid eyes on.
Comet Falls.
What a name!
So we began.
And after about .1 miles I remembered that this hike was a real bitch.
I was sweating.
I was wheezing.
I was wishing I had a rescue inhaler.
How could this be?
I can easily run 5 miles on the old tready at the gym?
Oh thats right higher elevation, uphill terrain.
Why had I chose to spend my afternoon doing this?
Oh thats right because nature is neat.
Please see video below:

Need I really say more? I mean nature is NEAT!

So anyway we hiked our happy little asses up that trail until our eyes set sight on the majestic Comet Falls.
And now a treat for your eyes.


Rocky Brook Pass, WA

One waterfall on the way to Comet Falls

What a beaut!

Gee dang it!

Another small fall on the way up!

Where else can you find all this neatness?

 So kids what on the agenda for ya'll this weekend?

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