Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A big ole' shot of life

I happen to be terrified of heights. 
Like down right terrified.
Not quite like I am terrified of snakes or anything no worries.
But I am terrified nonetheless.

So what have I decided to do with myself?
Go to the biggest fair in the state and get on all the most terrifying rides.
Seems legit.


The only legit part of this was that thankfully I had been wise enough to have a road soda or two to get myself warmed up.
It happens.
So this past Monday night I spent and evening pretending to be a crazed teenager.
My best friend Sarah and I went sprinting from one fair ride to the next.

We rode the Zipper like the good ole days. Ole’ Zip as we like to call it.
We hopped on a few rickety old roller coasters.
We shot high in the sky on the extreme scream.

I stuffed my face with a deep fried snickers bar.

She regretted spending 5 bucks on a disgusting corn dog.
We squealed with delight as we flipped and spun on the El Nino.
Oh what an evening we had.

And you know what sometimes it feels pretty dang good to be a crazed teenager again!
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