Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1 boat, 1 big brother, 1 river, and a lot of booze

So kids, by some miracle I am alive.
I made it out of the Tri-Cities alive and kicking.
It was touch and go.
What with the stop and go traffic, wake boarding (or falling), rolling in sand on the sand bar it was a real risk that I might die.

But I didn't.
Probably because I am a professional partier.
Not any longer however.
But that is another story all together.
This story is about my weekend.
Big things.

Did you guys read about me meeting my blogger bestie?
Well it happened.
And it was fantastic.
It felt like we knew each other for ever.
She pulled up and we hugged.
I guess we are huggers.
Or maybe it is just me I don't know.
What I do know is we had bloody mary's.
She had her very first taste of the Vitamins (as in Rainier beer)
She made besties with my bestie.
We lounged on the boat.
We took pictures.
We had heart to hearts.
And of course we realized how much more we have in common.
Love it.

After she went home I was just exhausted.
So we sat in the hot tub.
Then I went to bed.
No really I went to bed at or before 10 pm each night of my vacation.
I just can't day drink like I used to.
However I can still save a beer from drowning like a pro.

The rest of my weekend I spent quality time with my best friend and my big bro.
Yes my big bro.
Not like my biological big bro.
My frat big bro.
Sometimes when you are in a sorority you get an adopted frat family.
And I am blessed with the best big bro in the universe.

And that my friends is the story of 1 boat, 1 big brother, 1 river, and a lot of booze.

Love ya nuggets how was your holiday weekend?

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