Thursday, August 30, 2012

In Real Life...

We all have one. 
You know that one blog friend. 
The one you were DESTINED to meet.
The one who you instantly could tell everything to.
The one you send ridiculous texts, tweets, emails etc to.
The one who feels like your best friend when in all reality you are complete strangers.
Unless you meet.
And guess what?
I'm about to meet my blog bestie.
Oh yes.
On a boat.
In a river.
With a drink in my hand.
This saturday marks my first in real life blogger date.
And I can hardly wait.
If you follow me on twitter you already know.
You are probably annoyed with my count down.
But I don't care, get over it!
This girl is excited.
No one messes with my excitement unless they want to get cut.

So Saturday me and Ms. Dani Lee over at Inspire.Motivate.Love are going to spend the day doing all the things I have ever imagined doing together.
Drinking bloody's.
Singing country music.
Soaking up sun.
Taking 500500000 pictures for instagram and our blogs.
And being the two best friends that anyone could have.
All in the Tricities at the Columbia River soaking up the last bits of sun we can.

Can't wait to meet you Life Twin!!!

Catch ya on the flipside nuggets!
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