Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to eat your way to happiness

I love food. 
It is like a common thread that binds people together. We break bread together; we spend our most treasured holidays eating. At parties we cook and prepare our guests favorite foods. It's what we do, it's how we bond with strangers and how we celebrate with the ones we love. 
I love food.
There are a few times that food is not my most favorite friend however.
 I know you are all shocked. 
One of these times is when I have the epic unstoppable stomach flu. Obviously I do not want to eat in a time like that. Also when I am utterly without a doubt heartbroken. I know this comes as an even bigger shock as generally speaking food is what I turn to in my time of need… But something about being completely heart broken makes food seem in adequate… 
And that just won’t do.
Here is what I suggest to those of you who are like me and find it unbearable to eat when you are hopelessly broken. 
Find and all you can eat buffet. 
I have found that when all else fails if I am faced with the option to eat until I can’t any longer something about that prospect opens the floodgates and I cannot be stopped. Something about eating brings comfort when we hurt. And when I have no appetite I am not only upset that I am hurting but now you have messed with my appetite too! NOT COOL!  So in order to get myself back on track I find it helpful to present yourself with a plethora of options and the ability to eat until you vomit.
  If this does not seem like it is up your alley I suggest eating anything that contains booze. You know like jello shots. Or my new personal favorite drunken a bear, that’s right drunken bears. I learned of these warlocks on Pinterest. You soak gummi bears in vodka for 3-5 days and then devour them. Um yes please! How could that not heal a broken heart? I highly suggest using delicious flavored vodka. I also highly suggest not eating the whole package.

  Well friends now that I have enlightened you in the ways that eating can heal a broken heart I feel like I have done my public duty for the day. Rest assured if you ever need a person to persuade you to eat way more than you should and not feel bad about yourself I am your gal!

Authentic delicious Mexican food usually does the trick

As does binge eating at lunch, yes all of that was mine.

Gravy, bacon, mac and cheese enough said. That's a plate full of comfort.

We all know how I feel about slutty cheese. It makes me happy.

And if all else fails fro-yo.

Well Nuggets after writing this I am 99% sure I will need to go binge eat. Then go to the gym and cry.

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