Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh there was music too?

The other day I updated you all on the wonderful shenanigans that took place at watershed. 
Today I tell you all about the wonderful music I heard. I mean check out this line up.

Did you just pee? Because I did.
All over watershed the whole weekend. No I am not kidding. Anyway.
Let’s talk music shall we?

So day one arrived and I got out of the car and immediately peeled myself out of my jeans slapped on a swimsuit and some shorts and began basking in sunshine. After camp was all set up we relaxed gallivanted about and then headed down to the concert. It’s a long and treacherous walk through the dust and dirt to the concert area from the campgrounds. I thought I was going to die each time we did it. 
And lord knows I complained a lot.

But once we arrived I enjoyed the sounds of Kix brooks who thank goodness is the less creepy looking one of the duo formerly known as Brooks and Dunn. He sang some of his new songs and also some of the groups classics. I must say I wasn't pumped about seeing him but he did a pretty good job. I mean when I am a few deep why wouldn't I love hearing Red Dirt Road. It brought me straight back to Seabeck and everyone who knows me knows how much I love to reminisce about the good ole days.

Next up was Dwight Yokam. Not a fan. No really I just do not fancy him so instead I spent some time frolicking all about with my fairy man, being ridiculous with my Trashley and getting drunker and drunker as the minutes passed. He played for what felt like an eternity I swear.

After he finished my sweet love Dierks took the stage. 
Oh Dierks.  
By the way did you all catch my picture on Twitter/instagram? He tweeted me. 
Yes. I died. I screamed like a 13 year old at a Justin Bieber concert in the car.
 Who am I kidding I screamed like I am going to at the Justin Bieber concert. 
Anyway Dierks was so amazing. Blew my socks off. I particularly remember him playing his new song you know “5-1-5-0somebody call the POPO I’m going crazy”  
well let’s just say I was too drunk to move my hands that quickly but I made a real effort. His sweet little voice soothed my soul as I stumbled the night away next to my Trashley and Fairy man. I was even rocking a little white tank top. I planned it you might say. I was a little bit nervous about hearing Dierks live because I had heard his “live in concert XM radio” awhile back and I was less than impressed. He did a number on me. I didn’t want him to leave. My sorority sister had to practically drag me out of there. I may have just been really upset about the walk back to camp but who knows.

Day two brought to me some sweet sweet sounds and a grassy knoll to rest upon. I love a good grassy knoll. No honestly I take naps in the grass frequently. We arrived to the concert much later than I would have preferred and missed a few acts I was really excited about hearing. I suppose this is what booze does to you. Time travel. I was really looking forward to hearing Sara Evans but we missed her. I think she finished before she was supposed to honestly but what do I know I was half drunk and about to take a nap at a picnic table.

The first act of the evening that I had the pleasure of enjoying was Tracy Lawrence. He is such a gem. He takes me straight back to childhood. I remember listening to him all the time with my parents. He has such a powerful voice and he sounded even better live. My favorite song of his is “find out who your friends are”. It’s a song
that holds a lot of meaning for me as it reminds me of some really close friends that I have lost. It truly makes you think about things. I loved him and sang along the whole time and some how managed not to fall down the grassy knoll. 
It was a miracle I tell ya.

Then there was Miranda.
 Oh you little shot of life Miranda. 
Ya’ll she was probably the most adorable little creature I have ever seen. She came out onto that stage and rocked it in her high heel boots ans sequin skirt. She was all over that stage and she kept talking all about her husband Blake. How freaking adorable. You can really see how much these two love each other because they both talked about each other the whole time. 
I loved it; until I had an emotional breakdown half way through  “Over You”. 
That song is/was like my break up anthem after the last boyfriend ripped my heart out. Every time I hear it I
go straight back to the way I felt right after we broke up. I looked at Trashley with tears welling up in my eyes and she literally said to me “YOU BETTER LOCK IT UP. YOU WILL NOT CRY OVER HIM. NOT HERE NOT NOW.” She is right I mean we broke up almost 7 months ago and we were only together for 8 it is time to stop getting emotional. I sucked it up pretty well and finished the concert loving every moment. Except that walk back. That dreaded walk back. 

Moving right along to night three. We arrived in time to hear Brantley Gilbert finish up his set. I dunno if it was him or his sound system but he was much harder to hear; although he did look mighty fine in those jeans.  I nearly cried like a baby because I missed Thompson Square but I was very busy napping while they were playing. And by napping I mean falling asleep with a drink in my hand while sitting up in my camping chair. It was a long day for me alright? I can’t really remember much of Brantley which is probably due to the two beers I shotgunned in the truck on the way there. 

I can tell you this. Blake Shelton is a freaking rockstar. He is just as funny on stage as he is on twitter and he has a sweet sensual voice. He sang and sang and I sang along. I loved that he played some classics like “Ole Red” and “Austin” I kept picturing his mullet. By far the highlight of the night was when Miranda came out and sang “Hill Billy Bone” with him. She just came boppin out in her boots and jean skirt with a ball cap on and rocked that stage. They held hands and danced together and I just wanted to cry it was so darn cute. The
rest of our crew wanted to head back before the concert had ended and I just wouldn't stand for it so Trashley and I stayed until the very last song and I was so glad we did. I loved every minute of Blake and I would see him again and again. Not to mention that mine is literally a GIANT. He is so freaking huge and Miranda looks like a midge
compared to him. Like him and Cee-Lo on the voice almost but I think Miranda might be taller than Cee-Lo.

So there you have it kids. My full blown review of the Watershed music
Fest. I can’t wait for next year and I hope that perhaps I can get it
together long enough to make it to a few more artists next time
around. Day drinking just really takes it outta me!
Have you guys hit up any awesome concerts this summer? What has been
your favorite!
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