Friday, August 24, 2012

Everything a man could ever want

I have some friends that are currently deployed and I like to send them delicious baked goods and other treats from time to time. 
Now I am not a baker. 
I don't even actually like to bake but because I respect and appreciate what those men sacrifice so that I can sit at home and blog, eat, nap and plain do anything I like, I take the time to make delicious treats and send em on over. 
Not to mention I was threatened that since I sent packages once every other week last deployment (because I was "dating" one of them) I better be sending delicious treats this deployment as well. 

All I can say is thank god for pinterest.
 Last deployment I did a magical Thanksgiving themed package filled with pumpkin cream cheese muffins and pumpkin spice scones with maple drizzle glaze. 
Sounds fantastic and was all in all pretty easy. 
This time around the "ultimate brownie". 
I prefer to call these "slutty brownies". 
Because it has everything a man could want and its pretty cheap. 
Let me explain.

This is not an ordinary brownie. It is the brownie of all brownies. You know the head cheerleader who can have any guy she wants kind of brownie. Or perhaps the kind of brownie who only has to flip her hair or drop her pen and all the boys go running. This is that kind of brownie. What makes this brownie the brownie that all other brownies dream they could be? Layers. Layers upon layers of amazingness...

Layer 1- Chocolate Chip Cookie

Layer 2- Oreos

Layer 3- Peanut butter

Layer 4- Brownie batter

And now you know. So go ahead drool over my brownies. And to all of my lovely followers who are about to flip out because I am on a fitness journey? Rest assured I went to the gym ran 3 miles came home ate a delicious lean steak and then made these brownies and didn't eat a single bite. That my friends is will power.
And that my friends is a slutty brownie.
 Well Nuggets I am off to package and seal this little deal so it can be on it's merry way across the world!
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