Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So then I screamed like a banchee and peed my dress...

Wow, when I was blog stalking the other day I had no idea I would end up screaming like a banchee and practically peeing my dress. 
But I almost did. 
No really. I am not exaggerating. I just wish someone would have recorded it. 

Anyway I have some very exciting news, Dani at Inspire. Motivate. Love has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. Holy shizznit. 
What. Just. Happened. 
I never thought that just a short month and a half after starting my blog someone, even if it's just one person, would value what I write and think I deserved recognition for it! I feel so overcome with joy and pride. 
I may have even done a sweet karate kick or two and yelled "EFF YEAH"... in a dress. Cute I know.

So what is the Liebster Award? 
It would appear it is an award that one blogger gives to another blogger who has less than 200 followers. 
What a great way to encourage each other. 
Isn't that why we blog, to touch each others lives? So here are the rules for the Liebster award according to the little research I did (I am waaaay too excited to do that) and what Dani provided!

1. post eleven things about yourself;
2.  answer the questions the tagger set for you;
3. choose eleven upcoming bloggers and link them in your post;
4. make eleven new questions for them to answerl
4. go to their blog and let them know you've nominated them;
5. not tag back.

SO Unfortunately for me I can not tag Dani, she has already been nominated but you bet your sweet ass if I could I would. Love ya Dani!

Here are Dani's questions for me!

1.  Favorite season? 
Fall, I love fall and it also means my birthday is VERY close and halloween!
2. Favorite handbag designer? 
I am a sucker for my coach bags. I just am. Classic clean and simple!
3.  Favorite animal print? 
Hmm I can honestly say I do not own anything animal print... but I will just throw it out there and saw Zebra why not!
4.  If you could relive a certain day again, would you? 
Hmm that's tricky. I mean depends on the day, I think if I could go back and relive the day little Hudson was born I would. It was so amazing to be there for my nephews birth even though it terrifies me!
5.  When you were growing up, what did you want to be? 
An actress or a lawyer!
6.  If you were given $1 million, what would you buy? 
First of all I would pay off all my debt, my parents debt and my siblings debt. Honest to God. Then we would all go on vacation!
7.  Favorite coffee drink? 
Iced sugar free non fat vanilla latte please and thank you!
8.  Favorite "adult" drink? 
Rainier beer or Jack Daniels, although my true love Sailor Jerry will always be in my heart.
9.  Best trip you've ever taken? 
Vegas 2010 with my girlfriends. It was such a needed break from my reality. It was also the time that I spent with my friends there reflecting on my marriage which helped me ultimately decide to get the strength to walk away.
10.  What made you start blogging? 
A need to vent, to open up. But mostly to write, I have always been a writer, when I was happy, sad, confused so this just seems natural.
11.  Favorite guilty pleasure? 
Teen Mom perhaps? I don't know I guess I don't feel guilty about much of anything that makes me happy! 

Here are my 11 things, which is quite the task after the 15 day challenge I participated in and my friend Sarah's guest post about me... dang it timing... But I ain't complainin!

I have never been out of the USA unless you count Canada, which I don't because its a few hours away.

I didn't eat and enjoy my first steak until I was 24. It's a crime I know.

Bacon is my favorite food ever and it makes everything better, well and gravy. I love gravy.

I want to move away from Washington so terribly bad but it breaks my heart to think I couldn't see my nieces and nephews whenever I want to.

I write a food column in a magazine called Lash&Ink.

I do not for the life of me realize how short I am until I stand next to someone really tall or hold up my jeans while doing laundry. Then I realize oh wow I really am a midget.

I am the most terribly messy girl. I hate laundry so much and 9 times out of 10 my room is a mess. But I hate a messy kitchen.

If I could quit my job and cook all day with my brother for a living I would. Like today.

I am not a morning person or a night person, my prime is in the afternoon. That must be why I 
love day drinking.

I wish I was a better snowboarder but I am awful at it. And I hate doing ANYTHING I am awful at.

I am and will be getting my little boobies done one day. I already had a consultation, I know what size but I refuse to finance plastic surgery. But one day... one day 375CC's are going right in me.

Now my 11 questions for 11 of my favorite bloggers:
1. Where were you born?
2. Daddy's girl or Mamma's little lady?
3. Favorite place to shop?
4. favorite pair of shoes?
5. favorite childhood pet?
6. Who was/is your childhood best friend?
7. Hardest lesson you ever learned?
8. Favorite holiday?
9. If you could be any animal what would you choose?
10. Your favorite blog of any size and why?
11. What was your first car?

I know totally random but whatevs!!! And now the award goes too:

I know we are supposed to pick 11 but I can't honestly, unless I can choose ones with more than 200 followers. In that case I choose....

I feel so blessed to be able to write about my life and have people actually want to read about it! How amazing!! I love you all!!

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