Friday, September 13, 2013

Sweet sweet Huskers

The time is upon us you guys.  It is full-fledged football season. And no I don’t give to shits about the NFL. I mean other than it being a good excuse to eat and drink with my friends…  

Anyway what I am really amped up on right now is the fact that my sweet, precious huskers.  Yes my Huskers. They have been dishing out a couple of beatings over the last two weeks but tomorrow we face a real serious opponent.

My love for Nebraska football trumps my love of most things. What I wouldn’t give to be frolicking about in good ole’ Lincoln causing sheer mischief and mayhem. The unfortunate thing is that I fear my 26 going on 57 year old liver would never be able to hang. I fear my glory days have come and gone. The problem with my intense burning passion for Nebraska Football is that college game days fall on Saturdays. Why is this a problem you ask? Because it gives me the opportunity to either drown my sorrows after a loss or celebrate like there is no such thing as a hangover the next day. The fate of my Sunday is sitting comfortably in the hands of Taylor Martinez and Bo Pelini.

I like to play a game called shots for touchdowns. It makes football twice as much fun. If your team scores a touchdown you take a shot of something tasty and delicious, like the taste of sweet victory perhaps. If the other team scores a touchdown you serve yourself a shot of something utterly disgusting that puts tears in your eyes as a reminder of the burn and ache of loss. Last week Nebraska won 56-13. See where I am headed with this? It can be a whole lot of fun and a real bad Sunday.

People ask me all the time why a girl from Washington loves the Huskers so much. I wear a Nebraska t-shirt every game day without fail no matter what the day has in store for me and I wear my Nebraska badge pin every single day at work. I live and breathe for these guys. My family is from Nebraska and we lived in Nebraska for a very short period of time when I was in middle school. I try to go back to visit my family there every couple of years and something about Nebraska feels like home. I grew up watching Nebraska football and I grew up believing that they were the greatest college football team that there ever was. And I couldn’t agree more. Nebraska football is not just a team it is a legend. It is a way of life.  Crap I am getting emotional.

My point is that if Nebraska loses tomorrow to UCLA something bad is going to happen and I will be in the town of Leavenworth Washington which is essentially a tiny German village plopped down in the middle of Washington. So essentially I will have all the sauerkraut and beer I need to nurse my wounds or to celebrate my victory… either way…

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