Monday, July 30, 2012

It was a whale of a weekend...

I am starting to feel like every weekend this summer is getting wilder and wilder as the weeks go by.
I don’t know if I am going to make it out of this summer alive.
 And no I am not being wildly dramatic, I honestly am afraid for my liver. 
That being said I had one fantastic weekend! 
But it really took a lot out of me and left me laid up on the couch all day yesterday. 
I was exhausted and by that I mean hungover.
It was one of my really good ones too; but I will spare you the details because they get pretty nasty. 
Aside from that little recovery day my weekend was fantastic!0
 Why you ask?  
Well I went on a date. 
Yes another one. 
It went pretty good, I mean we ate at the local Japanese steakhouse and who doesn't like to see things set on fire and food flung through the air? 
Also each year here in good ole Silverdale Washington we have a little thing called Whaling Days. 
No we don’t go fishin for whales; I don’t even really know why it’s called that but whatever. 
Anyway Whaling Days is one of those weekends when I am frightened for my well-being and genuinely have to warn my dad about my shenanigans in advance. 
There are live bands, carnivals, food fenders, boats, and a beer garden. 
Need I say more? 
But this year Whaling Days went above and beyond and if you follow me on instagram
(@amitch210) you would know why. 
Let me present to you my weekend at Whaling days:

First things first lets talk about "THE BALLOONS". I want to know who had the brilliant idea to give a bunch of kids balloons that look like straight up wieners? I mean honestly? I was dying. Kids every where had these balloons so obviously I needed to get my hands on em. And I was pleasantly surprised to see my nieces inappropriate with them. Guess which booth was giving them out? A church. It made it about a million times more amazing.
  Next up let me just explain to you that these two men holding their wives/girlfriends purses were absolutely hilarious. They kept switching positions, placing their hands on their hips, swingin the bags around. Oh they killed me. Not to mention take a peak at the size of that corn dog my little sister is eating?!?! Then do me a favor and take a gander at the large wieners my sister has stuffed in her sack... just saying....
 These pictures of me and my bestie Sarah basically sum up our friendship.Please take a peak at the bottom right photo. This would be Sarah cackling like a hyena and me straight up scolding someone. I am just so bossy after 4 pitchers of beer...  

  Last but not least and evening on the boat and of course "driving" a tractor. Essentially I lived it up and payed the price. But whatever, I enjoyed and if I had it to do all over again, I would!

 Well nuggets I just love you all to pieces and I just can't wait to hear all about your weekend shenanigans and how you plan to make it through another week at work. I on the other hand only have to survive three days and then I get to head off to the greatest concert venue ever, the Gorge... AHHHH!!!

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