Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If you really knew me according to who?

So this topic has been pretty popular lately on those big girl blogs you know like Ravens or maybe this little mess I don't know if you have heard of them but they kinda rock my world. Anyway I loved their posts so I thought "Hey maybe I will try that out". So I started writing, when I should have been working... but then I got stuck. So I e-mailed my best friend you know this girl that I often talk about: 

Best friends for years and years!

And she didn't disappoint. So I thought you know what, who better to tell you what you would know about me so here it is " If  your really knew me thru the eyes of my best friend" Sarah's in black I added some side notes in red! 

If you really knew Ashley according to Sarah

God, I could write a novel....
If people REALLLY knew you... They would first of all know that you LOVE food.... Like REALLLYY love it. (yeah that's true I think I may have  mentioned that)

They would know that your drink of choice is Vitamin R (cheap Rainier Beer). They might even know that when you consume large amounts of Vitamin R that you turn wildly inappropriate.(me inappropriate? Never. I am such a lady)

You are an extremely good writer. Your vocabulary is exceptional. (well thanks love)

You always know what to say to make someone feel better.... 

or worse if you've got a wild hair up your ass...(yikes I will work on that...)

If someone offends you... or God forbid... one of your close friends.... Shit is about to get real. And fast.(you bet your ass it is!)

Its almost impossible to be serious around you.... and when there are serious moments... they typically don't last long and are followed by bursts of laughter. ( I think that's an "us" thing, we just can't stop laughing)

You are "REALLLYY" sarcastic. ("oh reaaaalllly?" said in my best bridesmaid imitation voice)

You also really love your family... even if they drive you crazy....

And I'm sure there is plenty more... But Dr. Brian keeps creepin behind me... Can't he see I'm busy??

So there you have it kids, this is me straight from my best friends mouth. A girl who has lived with me, held my hair while I puked, laugh, cried, and fought with me. A girl who has watched me in the best of times and stood by me in my hour of need. A girl who I can always count on to make me laugh and to be up for any adventure. If only she was a dude I might consider marriage again. Love ya kitten, stay classy!

So what would your best friend say about you? I can't wait to hear it!
Love ya Nuggets!
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