Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Watershed, moves, new jobs and tattoos

Finally a prompt that doesn't cause me to get all deep and emotional on you guys! PHEW! I am sure you are all pretty excited to not hear about mushy emotional nonsense today... pssshhh lets be serious who is actually reading this lil ole' blog??? I kid. I love each and every one of you, seeing your comments makes my heart happy! It's day 12 kiddos, DAY 12!!!! Guess what the prompt is? You wanna know? Like really?? Alright here goes it...

{Day 12} What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?

BAZINGA! YEAH doggie! I'll tell you what I am looking forward to and I hope that you guys wont be jealous... Ready, Set, GO!

  1. Watershed is the first weekend of August. What is Watershed? A 3 day country musical festival at the breath taking one of a kind Gorge Ampitheatre in Eastern Washington. I am going to camp, drink, get tan, stuff my face, and spend quality time with my favorite people all while being serenaded by some of my favorite country singers. Who might you ask... oh just Blake Shelton, his bad ass wife Miranda Lambert, perhaps that hottie Dierks Bentley? Oh and those are just the headliners there are like 20 other artists. I die. Literally I might die. UUGH is it August yet?
  2. Moves. Yes Moves. Not the ones like Mick Jagger though. Thats weird. Moving to be exact. To a new town, to a new house/apartment with my oldest best friend. I can't wait until Sarah and I make our move over to the Harbor. I can't wait to eat pizza rolls in the middle of the night, have goldfish fights, and walk around in our under wear frequently. If you know either of us you know we hate to be dressed. Currently I have a 12 year old little brother lurking so I can not indulge in such pleasantries. But just you wait.
  3. New Jobs. I just received an offer from my company for a new position. I am totally stoked about it because it is unlike any position I have other had and it will be new and refreshing. I have had a few bad days at work over the past month so this little golden nugget is helping me hold onto my sanity. The light is near!
  4. Tattoos. I don't even know why I said this. I don't have any plans to get any new tattoos... it sounded cool though right?
AH I liked this one. Made me feel all light hearted and happy again. I love ya, each one of you. All 12 to be exact... Oh you aren't counted in my 12? Thats because you have yet to click that little blue button that says "follow this blog" I dare ya to do it... Yes I just begged. Get over it.

Love ya Nuggets!
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