Thursday, July 19, 2012

And then I died....No really.

I will admit it; I am a terrible blogger #badblogger. I went missing for a whole 3 days (and after such a successful job of telling you all how to be the best fisherwomen out there too). But I have an excuse; I was on the brink of death.  Quite literally I thought I was going to die. (Insert exasperated sigh) I know you guys must have been worried sick about me. 

So let me tell you the story of my near death experience and btw this is about to get a little up close and personal... (Remember when I said I was the most dramatic person ever…) 

Anyway so this is what happened: I woke up at about 5:30am on Monday morning and had to go potty like none other. So I ran my little self-up to the bathroom and much to my dismay felt all the terrible signs and symptoms of a urinary tract infection… Well no biggie I tend to get them kind of frequently so I went down to the store at 6 am and stocked up on cranberry juice and cranberry tablets. When I got to work I called over to the nurses’ station and asked if they could send a lab order down so I could leave a sample. All is well left my little sample at about 10am and was waiting for the nurse to call and say “yep you got yourself a UTI we will call in some antibiotics for you”. But no instead something quite different happened. 

At about 12 that day I found myself in the most agonizing pain I have ever felt in my entire life. Like seriously, the worst pain I have ever been in or could imagine. Thank goodness I work in a doctor’s office, I very quickly was ushered down to the doctor’s office where I left a second sample and was told that due to the location of my pain (lower abdomen) it was possible I could have a kidney stone. Imagine my horror.  Meanwhile I am in front of my coworkers trying not to cry because I am in so much pain and the doctor thinks I am “nervous”… ugh yeah because if I have to pass a kidney stone I am going to be one pist off woman you better believe it. So anyway he prescribes me some medication says if my pain persists I will need an ultrasound. He also tells me I need to go home. Well DUH! Anyway I work about 35 minutes away from where I live. There was no way I could drive. So I have to call my dad to come pick me up from work. As I am doing this my threshold finally breaks and I end up sobbing on the phone to my daddy about how I need to be picked up from work like a 4th grader. How embarrassing.  So my dad has to come and pick me up with my step mom so that someone can drive my car home and take me to the pharmacy. 

At which point when I finally get home and get some medication pumping in my body I become useless. I literally laid on the couch for the remainder of the day. The good news is I am not dying. And I do not have a kidney stone. Just a REALLY bad kidney infection… the worst part besides all that pain is that I have to refrain from drinking while on my medication…WORST NEWS EVERY… And how come when you can't drink all you really want is a drink? Riddle me that batman. Anyway I guess a detox is in order before Watershed anyway. I am banking on an up and coming country star falling in love with me so I should be in my best of spirits.

In other more exciting news, I promise some sprucing up of this little ole blog is in the works boys and girls! How exciting!!! Also in the near future I think I might share with you guys why I think waxing is waaaay better than shaving. Pictures included in all. Well of my legs let’s keep it PG pervos. OH and this weekend is a little thing called “Bite of Seattle” Guess who can’t wait to get fat and take a nap this weekend???

Love ya Nuggets!
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