Monday, July 9, 2012

Best day ever?

Oh you wanna know the best day ever?
Hey lovers, it’s Monday which typically is my least favorite day. Why? Well it’s Monday. Plus that means a busy day at work which means not enough time to blog stalk… I mean…. Eh whatever. Anyway its day 9 of the 15 day challenge! This little ole’ challenge has turned out to be way more than an easy wTay to choose what to blog about every day… I kid that’s not why I did it… well not completely! I infact have learned that Sar the host of this little challenge and I are from the same town and have a ton of the same friends… pretty ridic. Also I have had to actually do some self-evaluation. Kinda good? Not to mention I have found a ridic amount of awesome blogs to stalk, btw I suck at blog commenting because I do the majority of stalking at work and apparently my company doesn’t think that I should be commenting on your blogs on the clock, they block that ish!! How dare them!  Anyway, on to the challenge eh?
{Day 9} Describe the best day of your life to date.

Well seeing how I just looooove to live life this was rather difficult… I mean the best day ever? I could talk about my week long trips to the lake each summer, perhaps my first visit to Disney Land? Maybe the day I fell in love with Harry Potter? The births of my nieces and nephews, trips to Texas, Vegas trips with my besties, wine tasting in Chelan, the day I became an Alpha Phi… Yeah I just rubbed that all up in your faces… do you still love me? I hope so… but the best day ever? Is there really just one? C’mon!
So I am doing a top 3 best days ever. Because I can.
{1} The day my divorce was finalized. Yes this sounds so awful I know, but a weight was lifted off of me. It didn’t take long because we both filed jointly; it was something we decided on together. While it was difficult and embarrassing and painful all at the same time it was also the biggest relief to know I could finally just move on from that part of my life. I called it D-Day for so long and didn’t have the guts to actually go to court I was too nervous and too emotional but when I received a text from my now ex that said you are officially Ashley Mitchell again I had the biggest most ridiculous sigh of relief. It was done. It was over; it was time to move forward.

{2} The day I met each of my nieces and nephews. Granted technically this is 4 days but you know what I mean. What a wonderful gift each of them has been to me.  I endured 30 something hours at the hospital when my sister went into labor with Harley (yeah like I am the one who endured haha) I remember holding her for the first time and being in such awe even though she looked like a weirdo with a cone head and one eye swollen shut, not her finest moment but she made a great come back! Then there was Avrey, I worked all day the day she was born and I called every 30 minutes but was promptly at the hospital with gifts in hand after she was born, little did we know what a little hell on wheels she would be; yet I just can’t help but love her. My sweet, sweet Gavin; while I did not have the pleasure of having him enter my life until after he was over a year old I could not imagine a life without him. He is the sweetest little boy and I swear he has the bluest eyes in the world. Then came a moment I will never forget. The day that put the nail in the coffin so to speak, the day I actually witnessed a baby being born. Watching my little wolverine Hudson be born was without a doubt the most amazing thing in the world however watching my sweet sister give birth was horrifying. While I would not trade those moments for anything I know without a doubt that child birth is mortifying and anyone who has done it is a saint.

{3} Today July 9th in fact is making it on the record books. Today I received an e-mail offering me a new position with the company I work for, Buh BYE call center! BOOOM! And along with that new position came a little something I like to call a raise! So right about now I am feeling pretty good about things! Thank you life for taking a turn for happy town!

So there ya have it Nuggets my top 3/7 days of my life. Jealous much? Love ya!
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