Friday, July 20, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Friday,
 I feel as though you would never get here, but here you are. Such a great improvement from Monday and I can't wait for you to continue to get better and better.

Dear Kidneys, 
You suck. I am mad at you. I know I need you but if you are going to disrupt my life you have gots to go. Anyone wanna give me a new set? No...?

Dear Rooskey and Bella, 
Thank you for loving and cuddling your mamma when she was sick all week. You are the best two fur babies in the whole wide world. 

Dear Hunter Hayes, 
You are a 20 year old sweet angel and I want nothing more than to marry you. I will be your beautiful mess. Just saying.

Dear Washington Weather, 
You have been fan freaking tastic. Gosh I love it when you are like this. I hope you stay warm and sunny for the 2 months and maybe if you are really feeling some mercy for me you will stick around for even longer.

Dear Ms. Marni, 
I love you, please pick your wedding colors so that we can pick out our bridesmaids dresses...just saying, not to be a bridesmaidzilla or anything my love!

Dear Seattle, 
THANK YOU. Thank you for creating a place where I can stuff my face all day long and not feel guilty. Bite of Seattle here I come.

Dear 7/11, 
This news I hear of a  "mashed potato machine" disturbs me. I mean Lord knows I love me some mashed potatoes but out of a vending machine? Get real, this isn't never never land grow up! Mashed potatoes should come from scratch or KFC. 

How bout you Nuggets what kinda plans do you have this weekend? Also have you joined the link up?

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