Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend rewind

Oh Hey!!! I missed you my little bloggy friends! But I was on a wild weekend ride. After my last post I went for a hike with a friend, a day date if you will. Yeah I know I said I was done dating on like Monday but duty calls. Anyway, it was BEAUTIFUL once we got to the top. Um I tell ya I love the PNW when the weather is nice! Then we followed it up with some fatty food and a nap. Yeah a pretty bad ass date, hikes and naps. Wild hot pair we are. Then I checked out a local dive bar with one of my besties Sarah. Saturday was spent trying to determine how to treat my dislocated index finger. That was a good one. I will let your imaginations run wild with how I managed that. But I should get back to business and get caught up on my 15 day challenge so here goes it Day 7 and 8 for all you little nuggets!
{Day 7} Recommend a book for us to read. Why do you think it's important?

Man this was hard for me because I read a lot. And I have a ton of favorites. I have read every Harry Potter book at least 3 times, every twilight book at least 3 times, the hunger games, Chelsea Handlers books etc. But I think a book that means something to me is Eat, Pray, Love. By Elizabeth Gilbert. I read it right after my husband and I had separated so it really was like reading about my life. It inspired me to not sit in an bad spot and sulk over what was happening in my life but to instead embrace my life and take it on head first. It really taught me a lot about myself and plus who doesn't love to read about places like Italy?

{Day 8} Describe "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" of yourself.

Hmmm this could get interesting. Don't they always say you are your own worst critic? Well let me give this a shot.

 The Good- I wear my heart on my sleeve. I love to love. I want to please everyone and I want life to be fair and just to every one. Unfortunately this isn't realistic but I think the fact that I am a lover and not a fighter is one of my best qualities. Well to be honest I will fight if need be I don't take no shit from no one buuuut I am a lover none the less!

The Bad- I am not good at confrontation. I either come on waaay too strong or not strong enough. Its no bueno. I usually end up getting waay to upset and not having a resolution at all.

 The Ugly- I am waay too emotional. It is true I am a hot mess of emotion. I need to learn how to not get so emotionally invested I need to be able to step back and look at the whole scenario rather than get so emotional.

Well Kids I'm off to bed! Love ya Nuggets!
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