Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy hump day here's some chips

You know yesterday I was being a real whiney snatch regarding my work life; maybe it's because some bat shit crazy guy kept me on the phone for 30 minutes complaining about things I have no control over... Yeah that might have been it. Not to mention the entire time I am thinkin about how my call stats are going down the drain. I pride myself on having legit call stats so it really chaps my ass when some dip shit comes and messes up my stuff. But that was yesterday.

Today I like my job, but not too much. I only kind of like it. So of course I would much rather clean up the free lunch while on the clock than sit at my desk.

Did you catch that free lunch part? Yeah so right now I have my 3rd serving of Doritos in a plastic cup next to me. Not to mention my 3rd sandwich and i just warmed up my leftover teriyaki. Life is good.

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