Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oh yes I went there...

As some of you know I am participating in the 15 day blog challenge with Life of Love. So below I took on day 3's challenge. Also merely because I feel like it I need to vent. And since this is my blog and I am home alone I shall do it here... I have officially given up dating. It's for the birds. I have decided that truly all I need in life is stiff drink, food, my nieces and nephews, and a good pair of jeans. Enough on that subject. Also I would just like to say that today I hate my job. I really, really, REALLY am tired of being treated like shit by people who are pist at their doctors. BTW I answer phones and schedule appointments. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOUR DOCTOR DOES AND DOESN'T DO!!! Now if you appointment is screwed up because of me, please by all means rip me a new one. But when you are mad at me and yelling at me because its 5:55 on a day before a holiday and you didn't get your percs refilled because you just had a 30 day supply refilled oh I don't know 2 weeks ago, take a long look in the mirror dear. PHEW. I feel about a million times better now! Thanks kiddo's. I am off to drink way too much, spend time with my wonderful gramps and grammy and blow crap up! YES AMERICUUUH!!!

When I was growing up Papa Chuck was a Marine Corps Recruiter. Which basically means he went away for a few weeks at a time to training courses, worked weird hours, and sometimes we had strange men in our bathrooms doing circuit training in sweat suits to lose weight. Not to bad. Plus when he went on trips he would always bring back gifts. Because I tended to be the bossy one of the household, aka I threw giant fits to get my way, my dad brought me home a shirt from Washington D.C. when I was in 1st grade that really summed up my personality. It is without a doubt the oldest thing in my wardrobe other than the dress I was brought home from the hospital in. And here it is for your viewing pleasure....

Yes. My the article of clothing that I am the very most attached to is a 20 year old t-shirt that says "I'm the boss". I have had that shirt for practically my whole life. It is thread bare, covered in holes, and a bit too small but I love that shirt. I will keep it for my entire life. I don't know why I can't seem to part with it but I just can't. I can't find a way.

So there you have it kids 15 day challenge day # 3!! Go check out the link link link it up on Sar's page!

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