Saturday, July 21, 2012

A few of my favorite things

There are a few activities that I find important enough to devote an entire day to. I have hobbies and of course like every girl love to spend time with my friends, family and adorable little pooches. But there are some past times that I think deserve a whole day to themselves every once in awhile. Let me explain…
  First of all I love to nap. Oh how glorious do naps make you feel? And I am not talking about one of those baby catnaps. I am not talking about one of those 20-minute power naps. I am talking about the kind of nap where you dream, the kind of nap where you have to redo your hair and makeup. I mean the kind of nap that requires pajamas and a cuddly blanket. I really, really value a good nap. I find it to be highly rewarding and also rejuvenating. I find that after a real good nap I am in a delightful mood. I find myself more tolerant of others, more patient and very, very hungry.
Which leads me to my next point that eating is something that I think should be taken very seriously. I believe in choosing meals based on mood and desire. Hence why I might eat a cookie for breakfast, a breakfast burrito for dinner you just never know with me. I do not believe in eating based distinctly on nutritional value or need. I eat because it is delicious; I choose what I eat because it will change my mood and make me happy. When I am mad I eat. When I am sad I eat. When I am happy I eat. The only time I do not eat is when I am sleeping or when I am sick. If I could eat and sleep at the same time I would. And trust me the fact that I cannot eat when I am sick makes me incredibly angry.

My first oysters, sooo good!

My Cheesy bread partner. Its a competition every year who can eat the most. I almost always win.
My favorite breakfast burrito
Day drinking. I prefer day drinking to night drinking. There are many occasions when day drinking is appropriate and almost necessary. For instance camping, you must day drink at least one day during a camping trip. Also tailgating, I highly enjoy day drinking while tailgating because generally this involves a fierce game of flip cup or beer pong. It may even include a flabongo which ifyou have never tried I suggest. Of course there are BBQ’s another great reason for day drinking where you also get to do the afore mentioned, eat. Las Vegas is always a wonderful reason for day drinking because well you can do anything in Vegas! 

At  Classy wine tasting in Texas for my birthday!

Happy hour don't mind if I do!

Cinco De Mayo with fancy Coronas!

 So my little Nuggets what is it that you so very much enjoy? I would love to hear from ya!

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