Sunday, July 15, 2012

So this is crazy, but I am nursing a hangover.

Hard to believe another Sunday is upon me. And big shocker I nursed a hangover for about 7 hours. Gross. And every time I have one of my epic hangovers I say to myself "never again, I have got to learn some limitations." Then next weekend you find me drunker than a leprechaun on St. Patricks Day. I swear, will someone explain to "Crashley" AKA Drunk me, that it is completely unnecessary to make fun of grown men for drinking girly drinks and questioning their masculinity? I mean the only thing that ends up happening is me drunker than Lindsay Lohan because said men then feel the need to "challenge me" which in turn means shots of Jack and chugging contests. Ugh barf. Scratch that I did that enough today. Anyway, enough about my excellent life choices and on to the 15 day challenge.

Its day 15 the very last day! HOLY SHIZZZ.... Anyway this one wasn't that easy for me... But I gave it a whirl. Today's prompt it:

{Day 15} What is the best compliment you have ever received?

I guess the compliments that bring me the most joy are typically ones I receive about my cooking. I love to cook and it brings me the greatest pride when people enjoy something I made. Its one thing to enjoy your own work but when others enjoy it to its pretty rad. My favorite was one time when my 9 year old step sister was trying my chicken fried steak and homestyle gravy. She cracked me up because she was reluctant but took a bite and was like "This gravy is like good. Like restaurant good". My heart swelled because not only did she like it but I knew she had just fell in love with gravy. I love gravy. God I love it. I got into a heated discussion regarding gravy just last night. Yeah that was my night, chugging, insulting men, and debating where the best gravy comes from. Rowdy. I know. Look my taquitos just got finished and this will be my first official meal of the day so its calling my name. Good evening kids and until next time.

Love ya nuggets!

Ps. A huge thank you to Sar for hosting this little challenge! You rock lady!

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