Monday, July 16, 2012

How to fish according to me

{A} Always bring enough snacks. It is essential. Gummies bears, jerky, chips, and pistachio's just to name a few.

{B} Backpack to carry all your handy tools and gadgets. And of course the above mentioned snacks.

{C} Coors light. Because its the water of beer and you have to stay hydrated.

{D} Don't forget the map or you'll spend 2 hours searching for the river.

{E} Essential clothing: Rubber boots or waders, camo hat, rain jacket, long johns, and sweat pants.


{G} Get Ready for a VERY long day.

{H} Heat source. No one likes to freeze to death.

{I} Iphone to entertain you during this VERY LONG day.

{J} Jackpak(camelbak filled with jack daniels and diet). This is non negotioable.

{K} Knight in shining armor to remove the fish from your hook.

{L} Layers upon layers upon layers of gloves.

{M} Music, although it may scare away the fish...

{N} Night vision goggles. Ok I am kidding but it would be freaking awesome!

{O} Optimal fishing spot. Find it in advance and tell no one!

{P} Pillow. Because a nap is essential to any fishing trip.

{Q} Quality company of course!

{R} Ranier as in the Vitamin R.  You can not be an expert fisherwoman with out a dose or 10 of vitamins!

{S} Sunglasses, preferrably designer, gotta look good while you are doin it!

{T} Toilet paper, enough said.

{U}  Unbelievable amounts of patience as you wait for the big one.

{V}Victory dance when you reel in the big sucker!

{W} Water, no really I wouldn't want you to get dehydrated.

{X} Xtra clothes, because lord knows you might fall in!

{Y} Yummy and delicious coffee to start the day off right

{Z} Zillions of pictures better be taken!
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