Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yes in fact...

Tis Thursday again kiddos and let me tell ya what that means if you
don’t already know. It means the day has come where I admit all my
binge eating to the world and talk about how I need to be more
dedicated to health and fitness.

Yes, that is what day it is.

A Mommas Desires And Pacifiers

Yes, I ate half a bag of Doritos at my desk this week.
Yes, this weekend I went on a road trip where I ate Mexican food for
two meals and chips as the others.
Yes, I drank that god forsaken nectar of life beer even though I said
last week I would stop drinkin it.
Yes, I did all of those things.


Yes, I did go to the gym three days in a row!
Yes, I did log over 12 miles at the gym in those 3 days!
Yes, I did even wake up at 5 am to go to said gym one morning this
week. (Yes, I was very unhappy and yes I drank an extreme amount of
coffee to get through the rest of the day)
Yes, working out truly did improve my patience/attitude at work.
Yes, I hated it while I was there but felt great after.
Yes, I did make a promise to a friend to check in before every workout
and be sure to send a picture of my sweaty self-afterwards as a way to
be held accountable!
Yes, said friend did call me at 5:15am to ensure that I had in fact
gotten out of bed to get my ghetto booty to the gym. (That’s a good
friend you might say)

Yes, this feels good!

How bout the rest of ya? How are you doing on your journey to fitness?
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