Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes my Blog is a real Biznasty.

My blog and I... we got in a fight. 
She can be a real pesky biznasty.
Sometimes she just wants to take all my time. 

Which I just don't appreciate. 
I mean I am the kind of girl who doesn't like being told what to do. 
So  obviously when I felt like my blog was trying to steal the show and take over my life I threw a giant fit. 
And revolted.
Take that blog.

But then my blog came calling. 
She apologized. 
She told me she loved me. 
That she was nothing without me and that she needed me. 
She bought me flowers and got me drunk. 
That blog knows the way to my heart.

So I agreed with blog that we needed a "healthy balance". 
Maybe even one of those mythical things people use called a schedule. 
But I didn't want to committ to something that was completely out of my league. 
So baby steps blog. 

I promise to update you on a regular bases. 

I promise to include dozens of pictures and to even do my best to purchase a real "big girl blogger" camera. 
I even promise to take you out for nachos and beer from time to time. 
Because we be classy like that. 
I mean why would I take a gal like you to a fancy restaurant. 
DUH not your style. 
And lets be honest it aint really mine either. 
I promise to be faithful to you and all other blog friends.
promise to link you up to the other fancy blogs occassionally and I
even promise to pimp you out by sponsoring one or two from time to

But I am going to need you blog to know your boundaries. 
You have to know that a girl like me just needs to be free sometimes. 
I need to run wild and go where the wind takes me. 
So occassionally my love you will have to be patient and know that I may be off galavanting around
town but I will always come back to you. 

You might know that I am having a real spat with PMS and am neglecting all things in my life
because I am throwing a full blown fit. 

Because I am an emotional wreck most of the time. 
But you will always be in my heart my little love.

And with that I am now going to edit 505000 billion
pictures to make you sparkle. 

And I am going to comment on all the other blogs. 
And stake out a suitable blog to sponser so your little face is out being exposed. 
Because a promise is a promise blog. 
And now I shall pour a drink and get to work.
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