Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Christmas tree and a Wolverine

This weekend I went with my brother, sister in law and my nephews to get a Christmas tree.
It's become a bit of a tradition.
I love spending time with my nephews and doing something special.
Especially now that Hudson is 1 1/2 so he has totally taken on this personality.
He is wild.
The description of it.
This kid literally flips table jersy housewife style.
This kid literally dives head first off of tables and chairs onto a giant pillow pet.
It's insane.
He also tries to pee on me most of the times I have changed his diaper.
Then grins afterwards.

Anyway, it has always been a mystery to me why people love fake trees so much.
I hate it.
I despise it.
There is in fact a fake christmas tree in my living room and I am outraged about it.
But thus is the life of a 26 year old who still lives at home.
I have no say.

That is neither here nor there however because regardless of the life that is or is not in my christmas tree I head off to the farm every Christmas with my brother in search of a real beaut.
Then he saws that beast down and throws it in the truck.
Mostly I am just there to provide moral support and encourage all parties not to get frustrated.
Christmas tree picking can be very difficult.

However it can also be quite amazing when you have a wolverine in your company.

On another note I started shaving Bella for the winter. She let me get halfway through and then she wasn't having it. So I have a half shaved pup. Great huh? Little does she know tonight we shall be shaving the other side.

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