Thursday, December 27, 2012

I wish I was a Robertson

I just don't understand why all of the Robertson boys are already married.
I mean except the young ones.
And that is just unacceptable.
I was practically hand crafted to be a rednecks wife.
I like guns.
I like to eat.
Not to mention I love fried food.
And I would quite like to go frog hunting.

It's a travesty.
I cry at the thought that I will never be a part of that family.
I know I belong.
Some people like to tell me I wouldn't "like" Louisianna but I think they are crazy.
What's not to like as long as you have a redneck water park and a sweet gem like Phil to lead you in prayer at family dinner?

All I wanted for Christmas was to become a Robertson.
Eff you Santa.

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