Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A 2012 recap Gripes and Gratitudes edition

Well it's safe to say 2012 treated me like I was an ugly step sister.
I'm not particularly devestated to see this year sail on by.
My gratitudes are mostly compiled of things that happened to people I love.
But Hey Jack, we can't win em all can we?
Without further introduction please allow me to do a little Gripes and Gratitudes (aka Raven Style) a 2012 recap.

2012, why oh why did you have to be the year filled with aches and pains? Seriously. I feel like I have been sick non stop all of 2012. From colds, to kidney infections to a little self punishment called the wine flu I have had enough illness to last me clear through 2015.

Speaking of wine flu, I may have been able to avoid a few of those pesky days in bed, and by bed I mean death bed if you hadn't been such a C-U next Tuesday 2012. You trampled my love life 2012. That ole' song love is a battlefield? Yeah true story. It started with a relationship that ended with heart break and left me one bitter cold soul. Here is to hoping I find the desire to stop hating men soon.

I still live in my dad's house. When 2011 forced me into ole' Papa Chucks house I was certain come the first quarter of 2012 I would be long gone. Well 2012 has had many other plans. Ones that include me still mooching off of Papa Chuck and living in what I have turned into my bedroom. Thanks 2012 because independence from your parents isn't that great after all.

The election. From the political rants on facebook to the twitter fights by the time election day came I didn't even care who won as long as it was over. Not to say I didn't cast my vote for a certain man with a plan who was robbed but that's another story all together. Yet again I was disappointed by what 2012 had to offer.

Depression. Dear 2012 you and your BFF depression can pack your bags. You are about as welcome as a broken hip if you ask me. Get to steppin homes. Ain't nobody got time for that.

And I am tired of complaining. Let's move on shall we chicken nuggets?

2012 brought to me a renewed relationship with one of my closest friends. For that I will forever be grateful. Being re-united with one of the people who knows you and understands you better than you yourself is the greatest gift. I don't know how I would have ever made it through 2012 with out my closest friends by my side. I owe so many wiped away tears, shoulders to cry on and nights of laughing until it hurts to you girls. Thank you for being by my side through it all Trashley, Delapp and Ms. Mawni!

Speaking of Trashley and Ms. Mawni! You ladies got engaged this year. I can say with an honest heart that nothing about 2012 has made me happier than hearing this news from each of you. I am truly blessed to be friends with each of you and to have had you hold my hand through the dark days and be next to my side during some of my favorite memories. I cannot wait to stand by on the day of your weddings and watch you marry the love of your lifes. My heart swells with joy every time I think about it!

Watershed, Biebs, Hunter and more. This year I spent a fair share of time concert hopping. Oh the joys.  I had such spectacular times at these concerts. I loved every single moment of singing and acting crazy. Watershed was nearly the death of me and probably gave me skin cancer but it was so worth it. Hunter will one day realize we were meant for each other it is inevitable. And Biebs, oh how the biebs can move. Thanks 2012 for being the year of rock for me.

My family, oh my sweet sweet family. I had the great pleasure of having my grandparents and aunt come visit from Nebraska this summer. I love, love, love family visits. Especially that old pair. They warm my heart. Not to mention I witnessed them drinking for the very first time in my life. Nothing like serving cocktails to grammy and gramps let me tell ya! I have a fondness for my family that grows stronger as I grow older, Lord knows they put up with my antics and that is saying something!

Adventures and roadtrips. While I didn't go on any "big" trips like I love to this year I did go on a ton of tiny baby trips. Me and my besties loaded up and cruised this state far and wide this year. I don't mind a long drive with good company and I spent my summer driving all over this state to whatever adventure came to me and I can say that it was some of the best times this year. Quality time with my favorite people and snacks yeah I'll have some.

This year in 2012 I managed to snag a job with a company. I work in the medical field and have always worked for private practice which has its perks but the benefits and the room for growth are lacking. I now work for one of the biggest medical companies on the west coast. Which means I have excellent benefits and so many great new opportunities I wouldn't have if I worked in private practice.  So thanks 2012 for at least giving me a better job.

Duck Dynasty. I am talking duck commander buddy. You can take that one to the bank. Duck Dynasty has changed my life and I love it. I never knew a gang of wild, rowdy rednecks could be so enjoyable to watch. And not only that but they do it the good ole' fashion way. No sex, no drugs, no booze, just the great outdoors and some camo. That's what I am talking about!

All in all I think I will call 2012 a wash. Here is to hoping 2013 does me some actual favors and brings joy and happiness to us all!

Peace out chicken nuggets see ya in 2013!
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