Wednesday, January 9, 2013

50?!?! Really 50?!!!

Wow. I never started this blog and actually believed ANYONE gave two shits what i had to say but i am so grateful for each of you that do stop by.

obviously some new faces have come on by so i thought we would do a refresher on who exactly is this beautiful mess ;) catch that play on words? you are welcome.

I' m just a girl who loves to write. Sometimes i write every day and sometimes i dont write for two weeks. # sorryimnotsorry. This blogging stuff can become a chore and sometimes i need to step back and live instead of be glued to the computer

my favorite movies ever are the notebook and serendipity. watch them fall in love and repeat mmkay?

I' m 26 divorced and terrified of committing yet i am a hopeless romantic. all i want is some man so sweep me off my feet but even i dont think thats possible if you run from every single person who tries to love you... oops...

I sure do love me some jack. As in Jack Daniels that is. But my first true love will forever be Sailor Jerry. Problem is we have a love hate relationship. I love them but they hate me.

I' m sarcastic. Almost always.

I love love love to cook. But I love to eat more.

I just am a girl who wants to live every day like its my last. Have fun, love deep, drink too much, stay up way too late, and make mistakes but never give up.

I hate shaving my legs. with a passion. much like folding laundry.

I' m overly dramatic and react when sometimes i should take a step back and think.

Nebraska football? Live and breathe. Nuff said.

I' d rather spend the evening in a hole in the wall dive bar making BFF with the 60+ locals than dancing at the club, but really who can blame me for that...

Mostly i just feel incredibly blessed to be able to live this life and i am so grateful that some of you are along for the ride!

Until next time chicken nuggets!
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