Friday, May 24, 2013


You know what is a great way to return to your blog after a 2 week break?
A post about how much you hate you
r printer.
And I mean hate it.
My work printer that is.
Please entertain your office space imaginations right now.

Please picture me with a baseball bat beating the living ish out of a printer/copy/fax combo right now.

This is the sensor that broke and ruined my life today.
We good?
I'm not gonna lie this week has been the definition of frustrating.
Software update, electronic record transition you will be the end of me.
I am trying to stay positive and be a "team player" but I am finding it more and more difficult you guys.
Its hard to have more responsibility, higher expectations and be paid less than people who you work with.
I mean that in the fact that people who have worked here for years and years make more money than me.
However these same people aren't quite grasping our new system so well.
I don't mind taking on the extra responibility for work to make sure there is a smooth transition or to get the job done.
What I do mind is when my responsibilities and expectations are increased and people who make more money than me aren't expected to do what I do.
That is frustrating.

End rant kids.
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