Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh hey there

Oh hey....
It's me Ashley.
I am alive and kicking. You may have seen some of my random posts on Facebook, or perhaps the instagrizzy.
But Bloggin?
It has had to take a back seat to my actual job.
Rude. Software conversion has left me almost no time to blog stalk or blog for that matter.
Today I have found a moment.
So lets update shall we?

I recently went to Portland to visit my sorority big sis. Shenanigans ensued. Like big time.

A few weekends ago was our annual Kustom Kulture festival. Trashley and I usually run rampant on this weekend. It is slowly occuring to us that we are old. I know this is a fact because on Friday night we were in bed by 12:30 and on Saturday? 8:00. Yep  I just can't day drink like I used to.

My bestie from the time we were 16 and I have the best conversations ever. They truly do make my life a better thing.

This girl truly makes my days a little better a little easier and a whole lot more fun.

And this woman, we got her to have a cocktail. She never ever ever ever drinks.

And that kiddos is all I have time for but I promise as things get easier I will be better about keeping you updated!
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