Friday, June 21, 2013

Facts of life

Not like the show, like the facts of life that I find to be important. The rules of living life like a total badass if you will. Because I basically wrote the book on living like a badass obviously.

1. The truth is always, always, always better than a lie. No matter what the truth is. Even if it is heart breaking, soul crushing. The truth is better. Period.

2. Day drinking is an actual hobby. A effing hobby people. I actually don't trust anyone who doesn't day drink. It is suspicicous if you don't enjoy a mid day cocktail from time to time. And I don't trust anyone who doesn't enjoy a nap either. Its just criminal.

3. Find someone who gets you. That you can be disgustingly honest with. That can call you out on your shit and you don't get offended or if you do you know its just because they love your face off. I don't care if its your best friend, boyfriend, husband, best friends mother or your kids. Just find them because they will be the one person that will stick by your side even when you can't stand yourself.

 4. When all else fails a waterfall will make you feel better. They are majestic. Evidence below.

5. If you don't like football it is unamerican.

6. Hunter Hayes is a babe. That is all

 7.  Bacon cures all.

 8. Puppy snuggles make life complete. Without them you only have half a heart.

9. Never and I mean NEVER work on your birthday. It is a cardinal sin. I think it is in the bible some where.

 10. Roller blading is a true sport. Blade is out suckers.

11. To be a true badass you must have a shower beer at least once a month.

11. Sorority sisters are the best friends a girl could have. They aren't those stereotypical girls. I didn't buy my friends. These are the loves of my life.

12. If you are having a bad day you just need to watch will boy and get it out.

And that my chicken nuggets is how to be a real bad ass.
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