Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans V.1

I am finally taking the plunge and linking up with the beautiful and inspiring Sami for weekend shenanigans!

Sami's Shenanigans

So lets get started nuggets! This weekend was quite relaxing! I did so much of nothing! So nice right? I haven't mentioned it yet but I decided it was time to start watching what I eat last week after I stepped on the scale and realized I had gained 15+ pounds over the last month. Anyway this was my first weekend trying to stick to my new found diet. BTW I started weight watchers last Wednesday and I must say I LOVE IT. Yes me. Fatty mcfat fat loves a diet. Anyway I was really concerned because generally the weekend consists of a high amount of booze consumption which is bound to eat up my points in no time! But guys, I did it. I didn't go over my points once this whole weekend! In fact I was under! I know!!!!

Anyway, I came home from work on Friday feeling like I just walked off the battle field. I swear you guys I hate complaining about my job but it has been soul crushing lately. So I came home ate a snack and put myself to bed. Seriously. I took a nap. It was great I woke up and whipped up a very healthy meal for the step mom and I! We had grilled portobella mushroom sandwiches with black beans and a salad. So delicious! Then I put myself back to bed. Wild I know.

Saturday consisted of making some moola at the family garage sale and also hitting the farmers market with my dearest Sarah. We took the pups with us and meandered around! It was such a beautiful day and I couldn't of loved it anymore than I did!

I came home and helped dad at the garage sale a little more and then prepped myself for an evening out to celebrate my brother in laws 34th birthday! We were off to the races and by that I mean go-kart racing!! It was soooo much fun I can't wait to do it again.

The only downside is that all my sisters friends are married. On the way home I was asked "Why are you still single". Ouch. Hmm well I dunno because relationships suck the life out of me and terrify me. My actual answer was because I am a psycho path and I can't be in relationships and not act crazy. Of course then the whole story of my marriage and my last boyfriend had to be explained. And as much as I hate talking about that whole deal I had this revelation. I refuse to settle. I refuse to just pursue someone for the sake of a relationship. I want crazy, unearthing, mad, all consuming, head over heels, can't breathe without you kind of love. I won't settle. I have been hurt too much to ever settle, to ever take shit I don't deserve. I took my share and from here on out if I am not treated like a goddess I wont have it, but even more importantly if he doesn't make me want to treat him like a king there is no hope for it. So yeah a good revelation I would say.

Sunday I woke up picked up my nieces from my moms house and met my sister at church. God is so good you guys. He spoke straight to my heart. He convicted me, reminded me and replenished me. Then I went to heaven on earth, Bed Bath and Beyond. I got lost in trinkets and gadgets!!! And then I napped my heart out!!!

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