Tuesday, June 25, 2013

These Are My Confessions

I confess that I love this weight watchers business! I never thought it would happen but eating healthy is making me feel like a million bucks ya'll!

I confess that I want to move to Texas with all my heart and soul. Honestly anyone got a sweet hook-up that can get me a J-O-B???

I confess that I have been organizing like a wild animal. It is weird.

I confess that I currently have a "chocolate masque" on my face and it smells so good I wanna lick it. I wonder how many points it is?

I confess that I hate washing my sheets. I find it hard to do it. I know its disgusting.

I confess that sometimes it is hard to see everyone around me happily in a relationship, engaged, or starting a family. I know i sound like an ass but sometimes being alone sucks balls.

I confess that I don't get guys at all. So confusing.

I confess I can't even make myself care to try.

I confess that the only reason my hair isn't blonde right now is because I am too lazy to maintain it.

I confess that I am fiercely wanting a tattoo of the word "free" on my wedding ring finger. Kind of a Eff- you to the fact that there was once a ring on it and now I am free of that prison.

I confess that I love my dogs more than most people.

I confess that I could spend an entire day watching snapped. And it makes me feel normal.

I confess that if I couldn't drink sweet tea on this diet I would probably have quit by now.

I confess that the fact that I am going to be home alone for a whole week is blowing my friggin mind!

I confess that I can't wait for Dani to get here on Friday!!!

I confess that I crave an adventure with my whole heart right now....

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