Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Theories on being a MOH

So I have been honored with being asked to be the Maid of Honor (MOH) in one of my dearest friends weddings next summer.

I couldn't be more happy for two people than I am for these two. I have not a doubt in the world that they truly are meant for one another and that they will be happy together for the rest of their lives.

I mean honestly they have been together for 6 years have a dog, cat and own a house.
He has stuck by her side as she finished college, found a career, her parents moved across the country and unfortunatly the loss of her mother.
He is a saint and she is my most trustworthy friend. Someone that I love with my whole heart and would do anything for.

Here is the thing though I don't like being in weddings. It seems like a whole lot of work. And yes I am excited to stand next to this amazing couple as they pledge their lives to one another but I appreciate weddings for free food and free booze. I feel like being on the wedding party means I gotta lock it up. No one wants a drunk sloppy MOH.

So here are my theories on being a MOH:

1. Plan the most badass bacherolette party this planet has ever seen. Within reason of course. I ain't no millionare. So Trashley will be having one hell of a bash. I would like to make it several days long if possible but I just don't know if my liver will hold up honestly.

2. Help her pick out the most stunning dress. I plan on making sure this lady looks breath taking at all times. Not that it will be difficult homegirl is 5'6 and a size 5 so no trouble finding a dress that looks stellar but none the less I can't wait until she starts trying dresses!

3. Decorations!!!! I plan on decorating her car, her front door, her bridal suite her bathroom for godsakes! Trashley is the kind of gal who loves to decorate for holidays so this is a prefect opportunity to go buck wild and decorate anything and everything.

4. Most importantly I know that as incredibly happy Trashley is to be marrying her best friend; her heart is broken that her mother wont be by her side. It is my job to make sure that she knows and finds happiness and beauty in this day and also knows it is ok to be sad as well. This will be the hardest part of my job so any suggestions wold be greatly appreciated! I love this girl so much and the passing of her mother was so recent that my heart breaks that she wont be by her side.

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