Monday, July 1, 2013

I totally read your blog!

Well you guys it was a wonderful weekend!
I ate.
I drank.
And I sunburned.
And I ain't mad about any of it!

Remember how I mentioned being on a little ole diet? This girl is down 8 lbs in a week and a half! WHOOHOOOO!
However if one more person says "ugh you are so small already why are you on a diet?"
Well because I ate food that was terrible for me.
Deep fried, covered in cheese and not lean.
So I decided I needed to change some habits because my family tree is full of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
I just want to be healthy.
And I want my clothes to fit.
Slowly but surely my clothes were getting tighter, my gut was lookin a little bigger.
Look I don't think I am obese.
But I do know that that number on the scale was creeping to something I was uncomfortable with.
And I also know that the muffin top that was coming in hot was not something I wanted to see.
So why should I wait until I am huge and unacceptable to make a change?
I am just being proactive suckas get off my back.

Anyway on to other topics.
This weekend was fantastic the weather here in washington is breathtaking.

However as I was enjoying my 4th mimosa of the day at a family gathering my brother-in-laws brothers wife (say that 5 times fast) mentioned that she reads my blog and its saved in her favorites.
I can't lie my little heart went a littler pitter patter.
So this ones for you Brenda lou who!!!
Thanks for reading and making fun of me with myself!

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