Thursday, July 18, 2013

She's my person.

Today is a special day indeed.
Today is my persons birthday.
You know my person.
The Meredith Grey to my Christina Yang.
So here's a little something to let ya know just how much I love ya...

Dearest Bridgett,

You my dear are a bright shining star. I just don't know how I could possibly get through the last few months without you. I hope and pray that from today for the rest of time you have the best birthdays that any girl could ever dream of. You are my person. You will keep me sane, protect me, track me down when I am a wayward soul and you will keep me in check when I get out of line. I can count on you to lift me up when I am down and dark, to tell me to shut up when I am complaining and being a real betch. For this I love you. You truly are my other half. My twin. I can't believe how much alike we truly are and I cannot for the life of me imagine another day of my life with out you in it. If you leave I'll find you! I pray that God brings love and joy into your life but also brings you enough trouble and challenges to teach you life's lessons. I pray that God brings you a lust for this life so that you can live each day with a hunger like none other. I adore you even when you are telling me the things I don't want to hear because that my love is why you are my person.


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