Friday, July 26, 2013

Dear Hudson

Dear Hudson,

 It's me your Aunt Ashley. You know the one who you like to run away from, chase, scream "NO" at and even occasionally you like to sit on me while I try to read to you. Anyway, what I wanted to tell you was that if you would be so kind I would really appreciate it if you would slow it down a bit. You really have grown up much too fast. I can still remember the first time I heard your little heart beat or felt you kick. Oh how my heart tingled and I couldn't help but smile.

I remember the moment that I saw you for the very first time. There you were screaming like a wild man with a head full of jet black hair. Little did we know that you would continue to scream like that...I mean how can you be 2 years old already? It was just a few weeks ago we were putting a man-band on you to keep your flowing locks right out of your eyes.

Oh the days where you would lounge around in your bear footsie jammies and cuddle on the couch. Do you even remember milk comas? Oh sweet little angel boy how I love you so very much and my heart breaks and aches to know you are quickly becoming a tiny little man. Just stop please!

I want you to know that I wish so many things for you. First and foremost I want you to know you are loved beyond words. You my little lover bear, my little wolverine are loved deeper than the ocean. You my little wild man, naughty pants are loved by so many but most of all you are loved by our God. He created you especially for all of us to love and oh what a gift you are to us. You have a spirit that cannot be broken and when you smile the whole world stops. I can't imagine the man that you will become as you grow up.

I hope with all my heart you grow into a man that learns respect and honor before all things. I doubt that your mother will ever allow anything less but just incase remember that this is something I pray for. I wish for you that knowledge comes easy and that you know that you can't learn everything in a classroom. But even more so I hope you quickly figure out that you still have to do the work in there anyway. I hope you learn that hardwork and perseverence will always get you where you want and that all good things do come to those that wait but that you must do the work to get where you want. Please do not ever become entitled. Know within  your heart that all things are a gift from God and that He has blessed you with these gifts so that you can do His work. Fill your life with beautiful things and people who bring beauty to you. Always protect your cousins even if you are the youngest. I hope that you and Gavin are always best friends. Know that success is not always measured by money that is a measure of happiness and the feeling of being content. Take care of your mother she has a gentle heart and she loves you with all that she is.

My dearest Hudson I cannot begin to tell you how much a gift you are to me. Know that with each year of your life I only love you more.

Auntie Ashley

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