Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh heeeeey.....

This summer has been one of those summers where I feel like I never get a moment to stop and catch up.
I know this shouldn't be a subject of complaint.
I mean it totally sucks that I have so much stuff to do with all my favorite people all summer long.
Honestly though between work being a hot mess, gymnastics 3 times a week, and a constant schedule of events every weekend I am almost ready for it to be winter.
Said no one ever.

So what have I been up to these warm summer months?
Well you would know ifyou followed my on the instagrizz... (@amitch210)
Shameless plug I know.

Okay, Okay I'll get on with it.
I have been to Portland for the 4th of July and floated a river with my big sis.
We ate we drank and we frolicked.
I have sat in the sun and forced my fur babies into the water.
I have sat in a creek with my little mini me.
I have ate, I have dieted, I have lost 10 pounds!
Bridal showers, bite of seattle and pool parties oh my!
Coming up the Archery tournament. Oh just you wait for the photos to come.
Watershed better known as Shit show.
Weddings, Bachorelette parties, the Zoo with my little baby boys and more trips to Portland.
This summer I have been to Portland 2 times already and will go 2 more.
I will go to Spokane 2 times and the Gorge 1 time.
I am really putting in my miles this summer.
But this has been one of the most amazing summers yet.

We are just so patriotic

My poor babies
My sweet big sis and I floating away
Me and my Mini Me

Ahhh my city Bite of Seattle never does me wrong
Our last hooray before a little someone got a bun in the oven!
I promise to take about a million and a half photos of the tournament and watershed and then perhaps I will even be able to sit down and right a flippin recap. Yeah maybe.
See ya chicken nuggets!
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