Monday, November 26, 2012

A 26 in 26 update

A few months ago I did a post that was inspired by Erin at Living in Yellow.
She wrote a list of things she wanted to accomplish in the next year.
I love lists so I obliged.
I thought since I had my birthday a week or so ago now would be a good time to revisit the list and see if my desires had changed or if I could scratch anything off my list!

Here is the list: (updates/comments in red)

{1} Get myself to Vegas and stat. Perhaps to celebrate my 26th birthday? Didn't happen. Perhaps in May. Its happening before 27 one way or another.

{2} Go on a road trip with my best friend, good thing that’s already
being planned! We went on a few small roadtrips all summer long. One side of the state to the next! Loved every moment of each of them!

{3} Visit the Grand Canyon; try not to have a panic attack while
looking over the edge. Hopefully when we venture to Vegas!

{4} Travel to the East Coast, probably Virginia to meet up with my
food partner in crime Jeff! Hopefully I will make some progress on this one! I miss Jeff so much!

{5} Meet a fellow blogger, “CALLING ALL WASHINGTON BLOGGERS!!” That
means you Raven and Dani. Boom done! Dani and I had our first meet up in August. More to follow I am sure of it!

{6} Get my passport. Well. Not done.

{7} Run a half marathon; better get my badonkadonk to the gym. Need to get to the gym.

{8} Get my Harry Potter tattoo, yes I am a nerd, no I don’t care. Know what I want and where just gotta bite the bullet!

{9} Grow this lil ole’ blog and keep working on it each day! Well. I have been slacking. I apologize my nuggets!

{10} Get back into my adult gymnastics class(aka get over my fear
after spraining my knee a few years back when my body decided not to
complete that backhandspring back tuck) The good news is I am now coaching gymnastics! Which as much as I miss tumbling there is something about seeing a kid get something you have been teaching them that makes your heart melt.

{11} Learn to be more open and upfront, stop biting my tongue and speak up! Getting better! YAY

{12} Join a small group at church. First step, get myself back to church every week...

{13} Join this virtual martini club Erin speaks of! AHEM Erin virtual martini club???

{14} Meet someone famous, preferably one of the many artists I will be
seeing in the next coming months, the Biebs, Blake Shelton, Miranda
Lambert, Dierks Bentley, any of them will do! Didn't happen I am still emotional about it.

{15} Take a trip back to Nebraska and visit the familia!

{16} Go sky diving.

{17} Learn to be more organized like my sister. UGH don't even ask.

{18} Learn to stick to the budget I created for myself.

{19} Start eating more organic again, Foodinc anyone?
{20} Spend more time with my sister and my sister in law, these two
are truly spectacular women and I have so much I can learn from them
and I love them sooo much it hurts! Been working on this. And now more than ever do I see the importance of this!

{21} Truly, and I mean truly get over the last boyfriend, I mean he
broke my little heart back in February it’s time to get over it… I go back and forth. Some days it's like it didn't even happen others it's like he wont leave my mind. I hope that soon this will change I have some plans to help with this.

{22} Spend more quality time with my fur babies(aka take that fatty
Rooskey for more walks so he loses the lbs) Been snuggling like crazy!

{23} Go cliff jumping again and try not to be such a huge baby about it! Waiting for summer time again!

{24} Make plans and stick to them! Improving thats for sure!

{25} Make homemade pasta and pasta sauce with my brother again this year!

{25} Learn how to make risotto!

{26} Actually tell my friends and family about this blog… yeah most of
them don’t even know I blog

So all in all a few small success and a lot to work on. But revisting this list reminded me of the things that are important to me and the goals I want to reach! Can't wait to start scratching more things off my list!
How bout you guys any goals you have set for yourselfs! Lets hear it nuggets!
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