Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

 Its Thursday chicken nuggets which means once again I am linking up with Steph and Katie for their pinterest link up! I guess what I am about to post is sort of a cop out because well I may have found the pin but I sure as heck did not craft it! Although I am confident I could if I wanted to. But why would I when Ryan the crafting fool is here to do it? No seriously this boy crafts. And is pretty good at it too!

So without further delay I give you:

Mason Jar sippy cup
(because I don't want to spill duh!?!)

Original pin
Okay guys how neat is that! I knew immediately that I HAD to have one! What else is a girl supposed to sip her moonshine from or a crisp cucumber vodka cocktail?
So Ryan being the gem that he is went to work just days after I asked nicely demanded to have one of my very own!
So here is what he used:
one mason jar with lid of your desired size
super glue
and a rubber or metal washer. (superglue if you use ruber)
a drill
He even took pictures of his materials, he knows so well.

So all Ryan did was drill a hole big enough for the straw in the lid
 placed the washer over the hole and seal
insert straw
fill with delicous beverage and enjoy!

I love my mason jar cup!

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