Monday, November 19, 2012

Finding a new me

So as most of you can probably see I have been a bit absent.
As much as I love to write and express and share my world on this little blog, its been hard.
Not only has life taken a turn for the busy, work, coaching gymnastics, friends, family, dating, birthdays, and holidays... I have just felt like I am on this path to finding a new me.
A better me.
A more organized me.
A more sane me!
A more relaxed me.
A healthier me.
A me with goals and ambitions.
And some how this blog of mine took a back seat to this self discovery.
Its still happening this self discovery.
Sometimes I can't imagine being happier than I am right in this moment.
Other times I think of the past, the mistakes I have made, the chances I should have taken, the times I shouldn't have just given up.
Self reflection is quite exhausting.
It's also quite rewarding.
I hope that very soon I will find my voice again.
And that voice will tell you all magical stories of my adventures, dreams and of course shenanigans!

Until then I am off to discover a little more!
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