Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A 26 year old in a onesie

I know the Blog world is being rampaged by lists of things they are thankful for.
On the eve of Thanksgiving the thing I am most thankful for is that tomorrow I will be cooking in a handmade pig print apron and footsie jammies.
Take a brief moment to soak that up.
Oh and please note the exessive drinking that usually occurs as well.
Except I have been punished by the Catholic Gods and have to work on Friday.
A day I usually spend sleeping off the 20-30 pounds of food I consumed and avoiding the public like a plague.

Anyway I digress, back to what I am thankful for.
Let me list a few of the obvious and then get to business.
I am thankful for the fact that I have a job to come to every day, now if said job wanted to give me a sweet raise and an allotted nap time I wouldn't be opposed.
Speaking of naps I am pretty thankful for those.
I am thankful for my family. Without them I would be nothing.
I am thankful for my best friends who will listen to me rant, rave, and cry about the same thing for 9 months and not tell me to shut my dirty trap. (I'm talking to you Marni, Sarah and Trashley)
I'm thankful for a few of my favorite men who have gotten me through the last few months. Jack, Jerry, and Vodka. Thanks for always being there when I need you.
I am especially thankful for Duck Dynasty. I have never in my life wanted to embrace my redneckness more than when I sit in front of my TV for a Duck Dynasty marathon.
And lastly I am thankful for Target for making footsie jammies my size.

Let me elaborate.
It may or may not be a huge secret that I love footsie jammies.
Something about running around in a onesie puts a smile on my face.
The best part?
I can totally buy footsie jammies from the little boys section.
Boys XL yeah buddy!
The only issue is for some reason Target seems to believe that a 10 year old little boy has feet the size of Lebron James.
News flash... THEY DON'T.
So I always have to cut half the foot off.
So I guess you could call them peep toe jammies.
Yeah, thats what you could call them.
I realized I might have a problem with the ole peep toe jammies when things like this started surfacing

It was my birthday don't judge.

This should have been when I stopped drinking. Unfortunately it wasn't. please note Trashley's look of disdain.

And that my friends is why I think it might be time to lay low on the footsie jammies. But probably not.

Happy thanksgiving turkey nuggets or in my case bacon because I'm all about being original and am serving a bacon wrapped ham in place of that bird.
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