Monday, February 11, 2013

A blog takeover

Rooskey and Bella thought it was about time they got a little spotlight on this here blog so after much begging I finally obliged and agrred to let them take over this mess... without further introduction I give you my heart and soul Rooskey and Bella.

Hey there chicken nuggets it's me Rooskey, or as I prefer to be called bear. I don't know why my mom insisted on giving me a Russian name when I am clearly anything but. I mean hello I'm Mexican American! Sometimes my mom can just be a real freak. I mean honestly.
Also i just can't help but wonder why she is so stingy with the treats. Something about me being over weight. I like to think that I am just big boned and made of steel. I mean look at these legs! I am a stone cold fox and hot to trot if you ask me.
A few of my most favorite activities are sniffing out anything that I can possibly eat, my mom calls it crummy searching. I also could play fetch for hours. Oh and don't get me started about when mom actually gives me one of thos peanut butter toys. I go hog wild. The only problem is my baby sister can be a real pain and she growls any time I look at her when we have them.

I'd have to say my all time favorite activity is spooning with my mom. I make a perfect little spoon if you ask me. But once again that pesky little sister of mine tries to butt in and I just don't understand what she doesn't get about me being the oldest. Obviously that means I rank closest spot to my mom.

I would never admit it but I also really love my god mom. Almost more than my real mom but don't tell her that it's me and Sarah's little secret. It may be because she slips me snacks and chips whenever my mom isn't looking. Keep on bringin the cheetos my way auntie Sarah!
I'd have to say my least favorite thing is when my mom gets this crazy idea to take me on a walk or something. She seems to think I like this. Although I don't know where she would get an idea like that I mean being dragged around on a leash up dand down hills? No thanks lady. Get real. Anyway that sister of mine is pestering me as usual so I guess I will let her take over.

Hey there ladies it's me Bella. Also known as the queen bee. If I had to compare myself to someone you might know I would say I am much like a k-9 version of Regina George. Everyone wants to be like me and I am completely fabulous. Plus I make the rules around this joint.

Everyone knows that what I say goes. I guard my treats, my water and food bowls and any particular place I want to lay with a fierceness. I can't be told what to do.

I prefer to lay on the highest point I can get myself to on something soft, furry, and fluffy. This way I can look down upon my minions. Aka the humans.
My mom sometimes thinks I have some sort of eating disorder but in reality I just like to torture my brother and make him watch as my bowl full of food sits there staring him in the face. He hates it and I love it.
I hate being brushed and I hate having a bath. Mom insists on taking me to a groomer but I prefer to be all natural and thats a fact.
I love to go on walks something my brother despises. I just love to have the wind flowing through my fur. I also really love it when mom takes me hiking and don't tell her but I love to jump in every speck of mud I can get my paws on. No really and Mom just hates it.
Well kids I gotta jet there is a pillow with my name on it and a blanket to snuggle on.
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