Friday, February 8, 2013

An update on my cry for help...

A little update for those of you who took the time to read about my little sick self.
Yesterday I went in for my interview for our re-design at work.
I think for being on my death bed I pretty much rocked it.
After A LOT ( I MEAN A LOT) of work to not look like a zombie for the first time in weeks, I waltzed in there and answered all 10 peoples questions like I was feeling like a million bucks.
Although in reality I was nervous, nausea's, on the verge of tears due to the fact that I opted not to take any of my pain medications out of concern that I would be so drugged up I couldn't function.
All in all the worst part of the whole 15 minute process was when they asked me which clinic I wanted to be at and the two managers that had been battling it out for me leaned in real close and held their breath.
In the end I am happy and relieved it is over.

On to the next exciting part of my day (catch the sarcasm if you will).
My best friend Sarah met me at the hospital for my first ever CT scan where I proceeded to lay on a bed with my arms above my head and an IV of contrast dye flowing through my veins.
Note to self, contrast dye makes you feel like a warm shot of fireball or whiskey on a cold day.
Oh and is also makes you feel like you are quite literally pissing your pants.
Anyway I hate needles so the worst part was having that IV placed and especially because he had to "dig" a little to find my vein. Great thanks!
So this morning my doctor called and it would appear that I have a small 3 millimeter nodule on my lung that is consistent with inflamation so basically from all this coughing I developed a "nodule" that will eventually go away and is not something to worry about.
So basically we still don't know why I am coughing so terribly but our plan is to continue on with my 6 medications daily and if in 1-2 weeks I am not improving I will be sent to a pulmonologist for some additional testing to see if perhaps the cause is a new development of asthma or some sort of allergy.
So for now lets keep our fingers crossed that with lots of rest and lots of fluids and lots of magic medication I get better!

Thanks chicken nuggets for your love and support!!!
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