Friday, February 22, 2013

A trip to the east and a blogger date

Today is the 22nd of February.
The day I despise more than any day of the year.
On this day in 2008 I dropped my husband off at the airport and said goodbye to him for an indefinite period of time.
I had no idea that this day would be the day that changed my life forever.

my wedding day me and papa chuck
On this day in 2011 my divorce was finalized.
I was blessed enough that we were able to have probably the easiest divorce in the history of divorces.
We didn't fight over anything.
We had lunch together after we filed.
We high fived on the court house steps.
As easy as it was my whole life changed that day.
It was the easiest and hardest thing that I have ever had to do.
In my heart I knew that we were making the best decision for ourselves.
But it hurt.
God did it hurt.
Happier days

2 years later and I try my hardest not to dwell, to trust in God's hands and know that it will be okay.
That I am okay and that this day marks the first day of the rest of my life.
So this year I decided to get out of dodge.
To go to a place that reminds me of happier times.
A place where memories together do not exist.
I am taking myself across the mountains back to Spokane where I went to college.
I plan on surrounding myself with people I love.
Including a little lady some of you may know Dani!

Sorority sisters, big bros, and a blogger date.

Love my big bro!

I can't wait.

Today is the day that I started the rest of my life. 

Thank you God.
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