Thursday, February 7, 2013

A cry for help...

I know I've been anything but a good blogger...
But maybe it's time for a little explanation and maybe you guys could cut me some slack and send me some positive vibes, prayers, thoughts.... Whatever it is you send.
All I know is I need them.

I have had a chronic cough for two months. Which has led to torn cartilage in my ribs. A total of probably 4 missed days of work in the last week and a half.
9 medications later, 1 chest X-ray, and allergic reaction to one of those medications and my doctor still doesn't know what is causing this unstoppable cough.
A cough I can live with.
Not knowing what is wrong with my body and being in constant discomfort I cannot.
So today I have a CT scan and while I hope and pray for an answer I am scared to death there is something very wrong with my body.
Not to mention remember that interview I told you guys about a couple Mondays ago?
It's today....
So your thoughts, vibes, prayers anything would me much appreciated chicken nuggets!
I am just so blessed that I have people like this to love and support me!

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