Thursday, March 21, 2013

A solid stream of random thoughts...

5:12 am- Alarm goes off. What the hell is that sound of rushing water?? Oh it's my alarm. EFFFFFF. Hit snooze button.

5:22 am- Alarm goes off. GOD DAMMIT I JUST WANT TO SLEEP. Roll over, yell at the dogs. Throw a fit by kicking and flopping on my bed. Dogs jump all over me. Get up let dogs outside,

5:30 am- Papa Chuck tries to greet me with a smile. I on the other hand grimace and let out some sort of grumble in response.

5:35 am- Scroll FB/Twitter/Instagram while I am supposed to be "going pee".

5:36 am- I should really get ready. Sits on the pot a little longer.

5:40 am- Yep I really gotta get ready.

5:45 am- Finally let dogs in feed them and plop myself into my vanity chair.

5:47 am- Wow.... I really should have started getting ready earlier I look like Britney Spears and not in a good way.

5:55 am- Make up done. Time to tackle my hair. Why can't my hair look amazing when I crawl out of bed like Kate Hudson on "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days"??? Is it so much to ask...

5:59 am- Balls I have to leave in 10  minutes and I am not even dressed.

6:04 am- Digging wildly through the piles of laundry for work clothes. Why can't I find anything to wear. Side eye at the mound of dirty clothes in the corner.

6:10 am- SHIT DOGS GET IN YOUR CRATE NOW!!!!  Run out of the house get in car, curse myself for not warming it up.

6:30 am- I am so sick of hearing these radio hosts talk about the same shit. Shut up.

6:40 am- I wonder what Bridgett and I will eat today.... hmmmm

6:45 am- Arrive at work. Grimace and scoul as I wait for my Keurig to tell me it is ready to brew.

And that my friends is a day in the life of going to work with me, Crashley the girl who would rather sleep an extra 5 minutes than look good or eat breakfast.
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