Friday, March 22, 2013

A thank you note, gripes and gratitudes, and Friday letters?

Go big or go home right??? I guess.
I couldn't just settle on one way to welcome Friday so I decided to borrow some of my favorite themes from some of my favorite people.
Raven likes to do Gripes and Gratitudes from time to time on her LE Blog.
Yesterday Sami wrote a few Thank You notes and I loved it so why not?
And of course the ever popular Ashley invented Friday letters and everyone loves a classic.

Me I just am too indecisive so you get a little bit of it all today.
Because it is my blog and I can do whatever I want.


*Washington's bi-polar weather can kick rocks.
*Negative Nancy's at work. I have a party every day at work. Life's a dance kids.

*Laundry. As always there is a pile to be folded and a mountain to be washed. #1stworldproblems


*First of all I am so grateful for the sweet pair of rollerblades I picked up for 7 bucks at goodwill. You better believe I am bringing the 90's back with a vengence. I spent a solid hour and a half shredding in my blades on St. Paddy's day.

*Blue Cheese burgers. God they are so delish. Girlfriend loves her some stinky cheese.
*Keurig Southern style sweet tea K-cups. This lady is addicted.
*Crafting and knitting up a damn storm. Holla for the domesticated alcoholic!

*SI from Duck Dynasty in that white tux from last night. I think of it and smile.

Thank-you Bridgett,
    My sweet cupcake I wonder how I would make it through the day without you sometimes. You are the best coworker a girl could ever dream of and we really are soulmates. I promise to love you even if we get secretary ass in like 2 months.

Thank-you Pinterest, 
    You truly are changing my life one organization pin at a time. I live and breathe for crafting and pining these days and I just can't get enough. 

Thank-you dynamo label maker, 
  Thanks to you Bridgett and I have managed to label every single thing in our entire front desk space and hear about 957 times a day how much "cleaner and neat" it is up here. Damn right fish whistles thats how we do!

Thank-you Dad, 
Thank you Papa Chuck for agreeing to take me under your sweet little wing and teach me the ways of a gardening master. I can't wait for our plethoras of fresh vegetables to be ready for harvest. We are about to make that back yard our BITCH!

Dear Friday, 
   We meet again. It was only a few short days ago  it seems that I was begging for you to be a part of my life again. Yet here you are faithful as ever. I love that about you; I can always rely on you to be there when I need you. What's that you say? You are bringing a brewery evening with you this week? Well don't mind if I do Friday I would love to spend and evening with my favorite people at a brewery! YOU ARE KIDDING ME FRIDAY!!! You mean to tell my your best friend Saturday is bringing a sample sale this week too? So not only do I get to hang at a bad ass brewery Friday but I get to dig through masses of cheap awesome designer clothes on Saturday. This is why I love you Friday. You know the way to my heart and I just can't deny it. I wish you would stay forever Friday I truly do. 

Hope you Chicken Nuggets have the best weekend EVA!!!! yuck I hated the way that sounded in my head....  
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